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Mix Moby Dick with How to Train Your Dragon and add a little Pirates of the Caribbean and you get Netflix’s Sea Monster.

Chris Williamsdirector of some films Disney What Bolt (2008), Big Hero 6 (2014) and Vaiana (2016) has now premiered on Netflix The sea monstera fun adventure where humans must live with huge beasts that live in the sea. The film introduces us to a ship of sea monster hunters called The Inevitable and commanded by the legendary Captain Crow, who is particularly obsessed with the biggest and most dangerous in existence. They always go after this huge red being, but they do not manage to capture it. That is why the Kings of the Crown have plans to replace the hunters with the royal navy. But Jacob Holland who will be the next captain of The Inevitable, convinces them to leave them one last hunt and if they don’t achieve their goal they will quit their jobs. Maisie he sneaks in as a cop and when they start the battle against the monster both Jacob and Maisie fall into the water and everyone thinks they have died. But in reality he ends up on a desert island where they realize that everything that is known about these enormous beings is not true. So they want the relationship between humans and monsters to change.

Review of this movie:

Without a doubt the quality of the animation of the sea monster and above all of the water scenes it is of a very high level, so it is clear that they have had a high budget. The story, however, may not be for the little ones in the house, but it is still very enjoyable, but it is also true that there are some moments of pause in the middle that slow down too much and become very long, but luckily the ending is fast-paced. Comparisons with Moby-Dick they are unavoidable, since they are obsessed with a particular beast. In addition, there are moments that are very reminiscent of How to Train Your Dragon, since the relationship with the great red being is similar, and they have even copied some gestures from Toothless, apart from the fact that we have changed the fight of Vikings against dragons, for sailors against sea monsters. While the aesthetic is straight out of Pirates of the Caribbeanit could even be an animated spin-off, since in that saga there were also great beasts like the Kraken. Here we leave you the trailer:

The Sea Monster is available on the Netflix streaming platform.

Critique of The Sea MonsterTitle : the sea monsterPublication date : 2022-07-08Synopsis: When a young woman stowaways on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, she embarks on an epic journey into uncharted waters and makes history.Director(s) : Chris Williamscast : Karl Urban Dan Stevens Jared Harris Emily O’Brien Jim CarterGender : animation, adventures, actionCriticism of the animated film The Sea Monster, which is now available on Netflix David LarradFun film with great animationThe bestThe scenes of battles at sea.The worstSome moments a bit boring. 3.0 3.00 5 Average rating User rating 4.0/5 ( 1 Votes )

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