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It is presented as the first crowdfunding platform for the commodities industry in Latin America. Caracas Commodity Exchange has several approaches to promote the development of projects in different productive sectors and offers investment opportunities for all users worldwide. this platform reports more than 5,000,000 hectares studied over 5 years throughout the national territory in which It has been possible to collect valuable information on different types of wood, flowers, exotic fruits, cocoa coffee and of course livestock and agriculture where they register more than 4,500 soil studies.

Caracas Commodity Exchange all in one!

It offers a tokenization in the acquisition of raw materials through an online marketplace, a crowdfunding platform for projects and social causes, its own wallet and exchange services for the main cryptocurrencies today.. For this and much more, Caracas Commodity Exchange is positioned as one of the most versatile platforms in Latin America in terms of the use of the blockchain. Stay until the end and discover what this investment platform can offer you!

What is Caracas Commodity Exchange?

Unique in its class, this platform is born with 2 important approaches; on the one hand seeks to bridge the gap between investors and producers of raw materials using a commodity marketplace. And on the other hand, it seeks to improve the financing process for new innovative projects in the hands of a crowdfunding platform where everyone can invest to promote new projects in the different productive sectors without the barriers that currently exist. The urgent need to establish bridges between investors and producers of raw materials as well as entrepreneurs, It is presented as a matter of total importance due to the limits that exist through traditional means, requiring long processes to obtain credits and delaying the start-up in early stages of potential projects worldwide.

The first Commodities Exchange in the World under Blockchain technology!

Caracas Commodity Exchange can make it possible by using tokenization under the governance of the EXCHANGE Token (CCSCEX), which was born as an effective method for exchanging value on the platform in order to create a win-win ecosystem where both parties can benefit from a greater purpose. .

Exchange tokens! (CCSCEX)

The Exchange Token (CCSCEX), is the native token of the platform and has been developed on the decentralized blockchain Binance Dex under the BEP8/BEP2 protocols, each token is backed by assets such as real estate, art, carbon credits, green bonds, production, reserves or commodities to provide financial strength to investors. It is also important to mention that the strength of the token currently is in the custody of the UBS Bank of Geneva, Switzerland for an amount of USD 129,800,000 that support the Exchange Tokenwhich can be used in more than 180 countries.

Main characteristics of the token

Image courtesy of Caracas Commodity Exchange

What can this token be used for?

Through the Exchange Token, all transactions in the ecosystem (CCSCEX) can be carried out. It can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies such as BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, stable coins, fiat, among others. It allows the issuance of debit and credit cards associated with the EXCHANGE Token accepted in more than 180 countries.
It offers the possibility of acquiring and selling commodities in the ecosystem Marketplace.
It will serve as a store of value (Security Token) by “Tokenizing” (securitizing via Tokens) the production of mining reserves, forestry, agricultural production chains, hydrocarbons and other assets within the legal framework that governs them.
Being regulated, safe, immutable and transparent, it allows a reliable record of transactions, reducing fraud and improving settlement time, becoming a natural option for trading commodities.

Caracas Commodity Exchange ecosystem projects!

Better known as inHOUSE projects, they are projects developed by the platform to offer investment opportunities to users of the CCSCEX ecosystem. This can provide a direct path between investors and the platform to carry out large development projects in Venezuela. and get paid for it.

Mecca City: It is the first circular city in Venezuela financed by crypto assets.
Porcelain Tokens: Its objective is the creation of NFTs based on Porcelain Cocoa, unique in the world.
Certification of forest areas: Takes into account an extension of 200,000 hectares in the Guayana and Delta region with the aim of issuing green bonds.
The Agricultural Miracle: Seeks agricultural development by planting 100,000 hectares of yellow and white corn, sorghum and soybeans by providing the best quality seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals.
minerals: It takes into account more than 20 gold, diamond and 35 other mineral mines in the Guayana region with self-sustaining extraction processes with low environmental impact.


It should be noted that all the inHOUSE projects presented have estimated rates of return of 25% to 50% per year. If the remuneration percentages seem high to you, it is important to mention that this is due to the abundance of mineral resources and fertile land in some areas of Venezuela together with specialized infrastructure to speed up the processes.

In conclusion

Currently Caracas Commodity Exchange has been established in La Urbina, Caracas, in a establishment of approximately 1,300m² of physical space that has an auditorium with capacity for 500 people and rooms that favor communication, professional and technical assistance for the development of a large number of innovative projects in the country hand in hand with investors around the world.

Cryptoreport and CCSCEX!

The Criptoinforma team keeps in touch with the Caracas Commodity Exchange team, made up mainly of Daniel Valero president and founder of the platform to keep the entire audience that closely follows the development of this project updated. If you want to know more about this platform, follow all its updates through its official links on social networks.

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