Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Synology’s C2 Object Storage service for cloud objects is now available, simple, scalable and affordable for organizations to store unstructured data at scale. “We at Synology wanted to contribute our new C2 Object service, which will enable companies to get started in object storage and grow with them,” explains Victor Wang, General Manager of Synology in Southern Europe.

Compatible with Amazon S3

One of the main service providers is AWS, through its Amazon S3 service, which offers an API so that companies can design their own services based on its popular technology. With support for Amazon S3, C2 Object Storage gives users the ability to build a sophisticated object storage architecture, using existing tools and code for various user use cases, such as building a data lake, hosting assets web and multimedia, and even run and develop applications in the cloud.

C2 Object Storage, storage of objects in the cloud

C2 Object Storage also allows users to upload multiple files with drag and drop, and manage all C2 content from a simple web portal, using an intuitive file browser.

simple prices

Another key feature of Synology C2 Object Storage is its pricing policy. For just $6.99 per month, organizations can use 1 terabyte of storage space with no additional transfer charge. For any additional traffic, such as web streaming or web asset hosting, where data must be constantly and repeatedly downloaded, C2 Object Storage only charges 1 cent per gigabyte. In addition, the company has launched a special trial offer that includes 15 Gb for free, and urges those interested to contact them to study any more specific request.


C2 Object Storage is available now through the company’s resellers and partners.

By Alvaro Rivers

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