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EDU2030 is an Epson initiative that proposes a series of resources and tools that allow the development of responsible digital transformation plans, together with the application of collaborative learning methodologies and the promotion of knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals among students. The EDU2030 initiative is aimed at educational centers, both public and private, in the teaching stages of infant, primary, secondary and university. It has a special impact on those centers in which transition objectives towards sustainability management are already being worked on in the institution, that is, programs that promote knowledge of the sustainable development objectives and frame the educational community of the center in an environment more sustainable and socially responsible.

The EDU2030 initiative is aimed at educational centers, both public and private, in the teaching stages of infant, primary, secondary and university

Epson’s EDU2030 is mainly proposed as a support platform for schools, both in pedagogical actions and in raising awareness for their educational community, as well as to implement a responsible digitization plan. For this, different resources are offered to those centers that want to approach and adhere to the program, these being: A Didactic Unit adapted to different educational levels, through which students and teachers will take the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a reference, They will learn what they are and why they are presented as a guide to good practices to achieve a common and global objective and they will know better some of the objectives that apply to the day to day of the school. Methodology Resources Final Project Participation in the Digital School Magazine (RED) project of Junior Report where the students become protagonists working on the projects of the Didactic Unit to be shared in this collaborative publication at the state level. Talks by sustainability experts at the educational center, adapted to each stage. Activities to raise awareness and improve sustainability in the centre, led by Non-Governmental Organisations. Downloadable educational materials to understand what sustainability is and how we can help with small actions to achieve the great goal of a better world for future generations (adapted for infant and primary stage by a teacher). Sustainable transition plan for the technology used in the center: with a prior audit by experts linked to Epson and transition recommendations, with calculations of savings in energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions and mitigation of waste. The objective is to guide towards the implementation of efficient and productive technology that helps better management both in the classroom and in the center, of collaborative learning and efficiency, with the least environmental impact. The objective of the initiative is to recognize the commitment and effort of the participating centers for a more sustainable, healthy and efficient educational environment, together with the advances towards collaborative learning where inclusive and universal access to classes and teaching materials is possible. both in person and remotely.

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