Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Ana de Armas in The Invisible Agent

Actress Ana de Armas always wants to give her best version and that is why she spoke with a CIA agent to prepare the film that is about to be released.

Anne of Arms is in the best moment of his career since he has participated in shocking films such as blade runner 2049 (2017), daggers in the back (2019) and James Bond: No Time To Die (2021). In addition, it will now premiere in Netflix The invisible agent (The Gray Man) which is directed by the russo brothersresponsible for the largest deliveries of Marvel Studios and will also share screen with Ryan Gosling Y Chris Evans.In the unseen agentAna de Armas will play Danny Miranda and now reveals in a recent interview how he prepared the role: «I had a very interesting conversation with a CIA agent who was helping me understand how they work within the Agency. He told me about the mentality. He said you have a mission. You have a boss. You have rules you have to follow. He has been working very hard to get to where he is, and his reputation and everything he has done in his life, this is the most important thing».« You don’t want to throw it all away. You have to stick to what you’re doing. Work is the most important. But more than that, ultimately you always do the right thing. I feel like there’s a point in the movie when that clicks into it.”

What is the movie about?

the unseen agent is an action thriller where a CIA agent is betrayed and the agency itself tries to finish him off. That is why an ex-colleague of his who proves to be insane will hunt him down. The film in which he participates Anne of Arms It can be seen in theaters from July 15. But a week later, on July 22, it will already be available on Netflix.Share0

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