Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

In March 2020, the educational system went through one of its greatest challenges: offering a 100% digital education. A challenge that forced public and private institutions, teachers and students to forcefully migrate to a modality that very few had experienced until then. An unusual situation that could be faced thanks to the digital competence of our teachers and those centers that had the appropriate technological tools for distance learning. From that moment, we all realized that technology has transformed the world and, in the same way, education. Now, talking about education is also talking about technology, because both play a fundamental role in the educational stage of children. In other words, it has gone from being an optional element to becoming a relevant and complementary tool for learning processes. Along the same lines, and looking to the future, Samsung, since its inception, has been committed to improving society by breaking down barriers through technology. A purpose that has led it to develop technology designed to respond to the needs of people, their lifestyle and their environment to help make things better and easier.

Talking about education is also talking about technology, because both play a fundamental role in the educational stage of children

This is how in Spain, Samsung launched its “Technology with a Purpose” strategy, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022, with which it has contributed to ensuring ICT skills for future generations with the aim of creating new paths for learning through technology and innovation, favoring equal access and with the same development opportunities to improve the formation of the society of the future. For those teachers and students with an advanced level of digital competence, whose current devices do not keep up with them, in terms of battery, processor and multitasking, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Chromebook 2. But, innovation is not enough if we want to take steps towards ahead, but also an educational community that promotes and demands the development and integration of new technological tools that contribute to dynamizing day-to-day learning in the classroom, as well as seeking new experiences that allow students to gain prominence in the learning process. As a company in the technology sector, we have to fully follow our commitment to society by making our latest innovations available to the educational community to improve education. Today, secure, scalable, upgradeable devices that facilitate multitasking, connectivity and are durable in terms of battery and longevity are needed; some key premises to be able to select the ideal device to find the perfect tool for class. The development of skills to make use of ICT will continue to advance, we are a more digital society and we increasingly demand more from our devices to gain efficiency in our daily tasks. Education does not have to be immune to this change and must have at its disposal alternatives that favor new learning environments and new experiences for the classroom.

By Diego Farm,
Education Business Manager at Samsung Electronics Iberia

By Alvaro Rivers

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