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By Fernando Feliu, Executive Managing Director of Virtual CableBy Fernando Feliu, Executive Managing Director of Virtual Cable The hybrid work model has been established in the vast majority of companies, and desktop virtualization technology (VDI) has positioned itself as the best option to provide access to 24×7 work, from any place and device. But security is still a pending issue in many cases and the increasingly advanced techniques used by cybercriminals continually put the IT departments of organizations in all sectors at risk. Virtual Cable, a company specialized in the digital transformation of the workplace, has developed a VDI solution that offers an efficient response to current needs. UDS Enterprise integrates advanced security features that completely shield corporate data, computer systems and all access devices, including personal ones. “In the latest version of our software, UDS Enterprise 3.5, we have put a special focus on security, incorporating a new component that provides companies with the strongest protection mechanisms. It allows them to comply with the highest standards, including the National Security Scheme”, explains Fernando Feliu, Managing Director of Virtual Cable.

Virtual Cable has developed a VDI solution that offers an efficient response to current needs

Thanks to this virtualization solution for desktops, applications, and remote access to computers, organizations around the world keep their IT infrastructure under control, controlling and monitoring their systems and communications at all times. All connections, whether from corporate devices or via BYOD, are made through a secure link that encrypts all information. This ensures that the data travels end-to-end encrypted and never leaves the company, since users work with them remotely. Each company can apply its own security policies, establishing least privileges, adopting the zero trust model, multi-factor authentication and specific permissions, such as the possibility that users can only upload or download system files. All of these security mechanisms are transparent to users, who demand solutions that are simple, easy to use and provide the performance they need to perform their duties from home, or from any other location, in the same way that they do in the office. office. “Thinking about these needs, we have developed customized VDI solutions for each sector, which offer the best user experience, taking into account the specific requirements of each group of professionals. At the moment we have focused on the Education, Call Center, SME, Public Administration, Health, Corporate sector and on a DaaS pay-per-use solution”, says Feliu. “The objective is to guarantee the best user experience and facilitate the specific functionalities that each group needs, so that each organization, depending on its activity, has a hybrid work environment tailored to its needs, which allows it to improve its efficiency and productivity”. The Virtual Cable solution brings many other benefits to hybrid work scenarios, such as the automatic and centralized management of all workstations and the standardization of the different positions. It also enables the integration of any third-party technology, simultaneously enabling various virtualization platforms, hyperconvergence, authentication systems, or connection protocols, and configuring an on-premises, public cloud, hybrid, or multicloud platform. “In short, we help each of our clients to build a fully customized hybrid work infrastructure, which in addition to saving costs in the acquisition of new equipment, allows them to achieve maximum energy efficiency, reducing consumption, reusing obsolete devices and optimizing existing infrastructures, which helps them to be much more sustainable”, concludes Fernando Feliu.

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