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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram We have good news for all fans of horror and survival games, since a new proposal has just been announced that will surely make your hair stand on end. We are referring to SENSEs: Midnight, a title that will come to consoles and PC.
Get ready for an adventure full of scares There are more and more options for lovers of this genre. However, it is very difficult to find one of them that really produces that feeling of fear that the community is looking for so much. Fortunately for all the fans, it seems that publisher eastasiasoft and developer SUZAKU Games have the formula with SENSEs: Midnight, which will offer you a truly chilling adventure. Here you can see the trailer: As you could see, the game will put you in the shoes of Uesugi Kaho, a student member of the occult research club of her school, and who will begin to investigate the urban legend of The Midnight Door in the park of Ikebukuro, so you must get proof that the beliefs are real.
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However, entering said park at night could be a big mistake, so you will start an adventure full of terror and survival with the few resources in the area, all with fixed cameras that will give the experience a classic style. SENSEs: Midnight will be released for PC, via Steam, this month (exact date yet to be announced), and will arrive at a later date on consoles to be specified. What do you think of this horror game? Tell us in the comments. Stay informed on WTTSpod.
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