Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The second edition of Cybersecurity Day, an event in the metaverse, brought together more than 2,500 people. The edition featured experts from the world of cybersecurity, who shared their experiences, advice and recommendations first-hand. The session, organized by IEBS Digital School and Oracle, became a space for ideas, trend analysis and recommendations on the different cyber risks and threats that surround the business world. “It is important to have good backups and security copies to be able to return to the starting point of when you were attacked and above all to make employees aware, because in the end we employees are the weakest link in security”, explains Clara Ferreiro, EMEA Netscout Business Development Manager.

cyber security day

During the event, a round table was held with the participation of Emilio Campos, Oracle LATAM Knowledge and Security Solution Engineer; Clara Ferreiro, EMEA Business Development Manager of Netscout; and Carlos Estrada, director of cybersecurity at Vestiga Consultores. The latter highlighted that: “85% are internal enemies, dishonest employees”, and added: “According to my consulting experience, 80% of SME projects are reactive, once there is a problem there is already a hack , and it is important for the company to identify where the problem is going to come from, where our attackers are going to come from.”

Cybersecurity Day: “85% of cyber attacks come from internal enemies, dishonest employees”

For his part, Campos pointed out: “Today it does not matter how big or small the company is, what sector it is from, whether or not it is a civilian population, the reality is that they are going to attack us, the important thing is when they are going to do it. and know how I am protecting myself.”

hybridity at work

Oriol Solà, CEO of WeFox, opened the event with a talk that highlighted the new work model and the importance of making employees aware of the risks in accesses and applications used in the business environment. Oriol pointed out that “With teleworking, our employees are more vulnerable from a security point of view. They have to be prepared to face the risks that this new model generates. If we want them to be our first bastions, they have to be well trained and aware. Thus, at least, we will make the link that is weakest not be so weak”.

Consumption habits

The next session was led by Lorena Bravo, Head of Technology & Digital Transformation at Oracle Mexico, who spoke about the fact that purchasing habits and the digital economic model must take privacy and data protection into account, especially with everything that surrounds the metaverse. Regarding this technology, Lorena pointed out: “Protecting our identity is very important. The blockchain will make it easier for us or the multiple identity factor, for example”. Regarding electronic commerce, she commented: “The eCommerce that we know is not like before, now it is phigital. This makes us more immersed in everything that surrounds us, but companies need a security framework to avoid unnecessary risks”.

By Alvaro Rivers

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