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By By Alberto Algarra.  Sales Specialist EMU/Security.  IVANTIBy Alberto Algarra. Sales Specialist EMU/Security. IVANTI When more than a third of workers are considering changing jobs due in part to the technological deficiencies they have to deal with in their current companies, the question arises: what can be done differently and who should drive the change? change? There will be those who see this as a problem, but for the IT area this situation represents a unique opportunity to assume responsibility and lead the change towards improved productivity and talent retention. Ivanti has just published the results of an interesting global study on the Digital Employee Experience (DEX), which collects the opinions of 10,000 professionals, including office workers, IT managers and senior managers, in order to find out how they live the experience digital in their organizations. The study revealed that 49% feel dissatisfied with the quality of the applications and tools they have to use to work, and 64% believe that this frustration directly influences their motivation. Other data that supports this reality: 27% of employees are considering changing jobs because they do not have the right technology 42% have invested their own money in improving technological tools, in order to work more efficiently 65% ensures that their productivity would improve if they could have access to higher quality technology Ensuring a good digital experience is currently a key factor for IT management in organizations. It promotes workforce productivity, helps retain and attract talent, reduces costs, streamlines processes and improves business results. Understanding what it is and what are the requirements to implement a good digital experience, is the first fundamental step to adapt the technology and practices that make it possible to the unique environment of each organization.

Ivanti has published a global study on the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in which 49% of employees feel dissatisfied with the quality of applications

Innovation is the main driver for digital transformation and the rise of hybrid working, but the sad reality is that many organizations continue to find it difficult to innovate. Among them, according to the study, the excess of emails or chat messages (28%), the lack of connection with co-workers (27%) and the malfunction of the software (23%). However, despite these challenges and skepticism from senior management, all groups surveyed reported being more productive in the era of hybrid work, highlighting that it is not so much the workplace that influences productivity. , but the experience that people have in their interaction with technology. The Everywhere Workplace is here to stay, forever changing employee expectations of where and how they work, and on what device. The way in which workers interact with technology and how satisfied they are with that experience is the main factor that makes Everywhere Workplace possible, and it has a direct relationship with their motivation, their results and the value they bring to your organization. Therefore, the digital employee experience should be a top management priority, and IT teams should be prepared to realize and lead that strategic change within their organization. Being directly responsible for the digital experience of employees and working closely with senior management, IT teams, with the availability of innovative new technologies that enable and support hybrid workforces, now have the opportunity to make a positive impact within of a broader organizational strategy. This contributes to improving the retention and recruitment of talent by positively influencing the motivation of workers and, as a consequence, boosting business results. For Ivanti, maintaining a secure technology environment and prioritizing the digital employee experience are two inseparable elements in any digital transformation and key differentiating factors for organizations today. To achieve this, it must be among the top priorities of senior management, and IT teams must be prepared to lead the change and make it happen.

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