Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Pokémon continues to surprise day by day due to its enormous scope where each of the monsters has won the hearts of trainers. Some of them are the normal types, which have been around since the beginning and now the fans have just chosen their favorites in Ranker.
And the winner is… As you surely know, Ranker is a well-known survey page where a large number of opinions obtained thanks to millions of votes are gathered, which come from different users interested in any industry. On this occasion, the site conducted a survey asking which is the best normal-type Pokémon, so the fans of the franchise have just chosen the 10 most beloved and we are sure that you will be surprised with some of them. Here you can see it: 1. Snorlax 2. Eevee 3. Arceus 4. Kangaskhan 5. Ditto 6. Pigeot 7. Tauros 8. Ursaring 9. Staraptor 10. Togekiss (before his change to Fairy/Flying)

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As you could see, the most surprising thing on the list is that Eevee, considered one of the favorites of the majority, has remained in second place, being defeated by Snorlax, another of the first generation Pokémon.
The official WTTSpod t-shirts have arrived – GET YOURS HERE On the other hand, and something that is not very surprising, is that Arceus continues to enjoy great popularity thanks to its last appearance in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, so it is no surprise that it appears at the top of the table . Do you agree with Ranker’s list? Tell us in the comments. Stay informed on WTTSpod.
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