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The best cloud computing certifications and top management certifications. As cloud computing becomes the new norm in IT, there are more and more cloud-related credentials. Many of them are for individual vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, and Amazon. There are also several certifications that focus on more general practices in this rapidly growing area. Top certifications include: CompTIA cloud+: CompTIA cloud+ covers all essential elements of cloud computing, including configuration, deployment, security, management, and troubleshooting. Certified VMware Professional 6: Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV). Virtualization is the backbone of cloud computing and VMware offers VCP6-DCV certification to manage data center virtualization with vSphere 6.0 and VMware vRealize in cloud environments. AWS Certified Solution Architect or AWS Certified Solution Architect: Amazon is the largest provider of cloud computing services, and this certification validates your ability to design and implement cloud environments with Amazon Web Services. Salesforce Certified Implementation and Development Lifecycle or Salesforce Certified Implementation and Development Lifecycle. Employers desperately need highly skilled specialists in this cloud-based CRM. This certification is the first step in becoming a Salesforce Certified Systems Architect.

Best Cloud Computing Certifications and Senior Management Certifications

Senior Management Certifications

Project management is essential to IT operations. Even if you major in technology, this can be a very valuable skill. And because it includes planning, scheduling, budgeting, and execution, certification can be a key milestone on the path to leadership. Certified Project Management Officer or Certified Project Management Officer (CAPM): Offered by the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI), CAPM is the ideal entry-level management tool. Professional Project Management or Professional Project Management: The PMP certification, also offered by PMI, is one of the most prestigious in this profession. Various subspecialty certificates are also available. Many IT professionals begin their careers in help desk and technical support positions. And to help students, centers are increasingly offering courses that prepare them for help desk certifications. You can certify help desk functions in general or focus on specific vendor products and platforms. HDI Certifications: Formerly called the Help Desk Institute, HDI offers certifications ranging from entry-level HDI Help Desk Specialist to HDI Help Desk Manager. The HDI Professional Help Desk certification is especially popular with hiring managers. HDI also offers credentials for help desk analysts, team leaders, and customer service representatives.

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