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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Being a collector is often not easy and being one of Nintendo’s franchises can be even more complicated due to some Nintendo practices. As an example is a recent frustrating situation that fans of Xenoblade Chronicles had to go through. Shortly after the great Nintendo Direct focused on Xenoblade Chronoicles 3, Nintendo announced that it would reopen the pre-sale period for the special edition of the game, which would be exclusive to the company’s official online store. Well, as I had warned, on June 30 the option to set aside this coveted collector’s edition was again available, but there was a huge problem for many users, who angrily blamed the online store, since it was not the first time that occurs.
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Fans criticized Nintendo for exclusive pre-orders in its store

The first time this edition was put up for pre-sale was on June 8. Unfortunately, the experience was chaotic due to traffic and store inefficiency to the point that Nintendo postponed pre-orders. Well, the second day arrived and fans were hoping that this time it would be better, only to be disappointed again. According to a lot of affected users, it was impossible to get the online store to work, as the page would not load and prevented them from adding or paying for the product in question in their shopping cart. Others mentioned that it was incredible that the edition sold out so quickly and criticized that Nintendo did not do much to improve the experience, since the same thing happened as last time. According to many, the only thing the company did was limit the number of units available to set aside per user from 2 to 1.

“We are having a lot of visitors right now. Stay there… we’ll be with you soon!” read the message that appeared to many users, who were invited not to close or reload the page if they didn’t want to lose their place on the page. waiting line. However, in the end they couldn’t get the edit.
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Nintendo did it again: it infuriated its collector fans

Thus, many irate users exclaimed on social networks the disgust of having to deal with the Nintendo store to get editions like this, when it could well have been sold through other distributors with a better website.

The worst thing is that many will no longer have the opportunity to buy this edition, which is already appearing on resale sites at outrageous prices. First, you should know that the bundle was officially sold for $89.99 USD in the Nintendo store, but on sites like eBay it is not offered below $200 USD or $4,000 MXN and some ask for more than $350 USD or $7,000 MXN ( not counting shipping or import costs).
Image: eBay The problem is that this is not the first time this has happened and that Nintendo products are involved. The company is well known for using very narrow sales practices when it comes to special editions that leave many users unhappy and from which hoarders or resellers benefit.

What do you think of this situation that Nintendo fans had to go through? Tell us in the comments. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 29. You can find more news related to this title if you visit this page.
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