Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Cisco has announced major innovations in its converged Routed Optical Networking platform. Aiming to redefine the Internet economy and help service providers bridge the digital divide by connecting more people, places and things, new solutions and features can enable up to 45% energy savings and up to 70% energy savings. % in space. Cisco unveiled its Future Internet strategy in December 2019, introducing new silicon, optics, and software that lower the cost of building and expanding networks. In March 2021, it introduced its innovative Routed Optical Networking architecture, featuring converged network protocols, reduced network layers, advanced automation, and simplified network access for the rise of 5G. New features now include new private line emulation technology to transport any legacy service over a converged IP infrastructure, advanced automation software, and consulting services through Cisco Customer Experience (CX), among others.

Sustainability and service guarantee

Designed to reduce opex and capex and meet sustainability challenges, the enhanced Cisco Routed Optical Networking platform increases your capacity and scalability while reducing energy consumption. The modularity and programmability of the Cisco IOS XR operating system minimizes configuration and operation tasks, also using recyclable material in the packaging.

In March 2021, Cisco introduced its innovative Routed Optical Networking architecture, with converged network protocols

New features and enhanced capabilities include:

NCS 1010 Open Optical Line System for Optimized Transport. Take advantage of both the C and L band to double the capacity of the fiber. Powered by the Cisco IOS-XR operating system, it is an open networking platform to help deploy Cisco optical routing networks in both new and existing installations.
New Bright 400G ZR/ZR plug-in optics+, which can be deployed on any DWDM network regardless of vendor.
Standardized Private Line Emulation to facilitate the portability of legacy bit services over an IP/MPLS infrastructure.
Cisco Crosswork Network Automationwhich now provides multi-layer automation for provisioning as well as optical automation for the entire Cisco optical portfolio.
Sustainability improvementswith up to 45% savings in energy and 70% in space.
New Cisco CX Consulting Service, encompassing planning, solution validation, and extended support to help service providers with their architecture transitions. “Cisco is committed to promoting an inclusive future for all, which implies quality Internet access and therefore fundamental changes in networks,” he highlights. Bill Gartner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Optical Systems and Cisco Optics. “Cisco Routed Optical Networking takes a ‘less is more’ approach, making it easier for service providers to transition to a more efficient model of building and operating networks, reducing legacy technology and focusing on sustainable components to save costs and protect the environment. ambient”.

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