Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Actor Tim Allen has lent his voice to Buzz Lightyear in all 4 Toy Story movies, so his opinion is quite interesting.

To many fans of toy story they didn’t like that Tim Allen was replaced by Chris Evans in the film Lightyearalthough the veteran actor believes that it is quite normal, since they are two totally different characters. In a recent interview with extra tvthey asked Tim Allen why hasn’t he participated in the new movie pixar and so he replied: ¬ęThe short answer is that I have stayed away because it has nothing to do with my character. This is a whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies.” Tim Allen He has said that he does not conceive a film of buzz lightyear without the cowboy WoodySeriously, Woody voiced by Tom Hanks and I, well, there’s really no Toy Story without Buzz and Woody… I’m a plot guy. This was done in 1997, it seemed to be a great adventure story. From what I see, it’s not a great adventure story. It’s a wonderful story, it just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy.” “It doesn’t have anything to do with Buzz. There’s just no connection, I wish there was a better connection.” Interestingly, the opinion of Tim Allen fits with that of many fans of toy story, since they did not like that the plot is so far from the history of toys. But you have to remember that Lightyear it is a movie that exists in that world and that was made because of the popularity of that toy and that Andy and his family were able to see it in theaters just like us. The story tells us how the Star Command Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear He arrives on an uncharted planet. When verifying that there are hostile life forms, they decide to leave but the spaceship is damaged and they cannot leave that place. Some time later, Buzz makes a couple of trips with a new fuel, but what for him are minutes on the planet, years have passed. So he decides to do whatever he can to get everyone out of there.

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