Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

49% of employees are frustrated by the technology and tools their organization provides to work, and 64% believe that the way they interact with technology influences their motivation. This is revealed in the new Ivanti study on the Digital Employee Experience, carried out with global experts in digital transformation and in order to assess the importance and degree of adoption of the digital experience in organizations. “Maintaining a secure environment and focusing on the digital experience of employees are two inseparable elements of any digital transformation. n the competition for talent, a key differentiator for organizations is offering an exceptional and secure digital experience,” explains Jeff Abbott, CEO of Ivanti.

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The study highlights that: 26% of employees are considering changing jobs because they do not have the right technology 42% have invested their own money in improving technology to work more efficiently 65% ​​believe they would improve their productivity if better, higher-quality technology could be available When it comes to the future of work and the role of technology in the digital experience, there continue to be conflicting views among senior management, IT teams, and employees. Only 13% prefer to work exclusively from the office, while 56% of managers hold to the belief that employees need to be in the office to stay productive.

The study “Employee Digital Experience” reveals that 49% of employees feel frustrated by the technology that their company offers them to work

Despite everything, 74% of managers acknowledge that the productivity of their teams has increased since the start of the pandemic, which shows a disconnect between the data that supports their experience and the belief that you have to work from the office to be productive. On the other hand, 62% of managers recognize that senior management gives preference to profitability over staff satisfaction. As long as employee experience remains at the bottom of managers’ list of priorities, IT will continue to dwarf it on theirs, with only 21% of IT managers saying end-user experience it is their main concern when choosing new technological tools.

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With the availability of new and innovative technologies that enable and reinforce hybrid working, IT now has the opportunity to positively influence the organization’s strategy. By taking responsibility for the digital employee experience and working closely with C-suite, IT has the ability to help improve business outcomes, from employee productivity to workforce retention. After all, the Everywhere Workplace is, without a doubt, the future of work and the digital experience is its main driver.

By Alvaro Rivers

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