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Shindol is a Japanese-American author of adult manga who has become “an industry face” after the publication of METAMORPHOSIS, an infamous doujinshi with a tragic ending that continues to trend among fans and is even recognized by those who haven’t even read it. In addition, his identifier on the renowned doujinshi page, the number “177013“, is also frequently referenced among Internet users.

It turns out that the author participated in a recent edition of the podcast “Trash Taste“, where he revealed various aspects of interest both of his own “METAMORPHOSIS” as well as the doujinshi h_ntai industry in general. Below we leave the full video and a summary of the most significant questions and answers.

When you released “METAMORPHOSIS”, was it something that was immediately reviewed by the community or was it something that you, you know, released and got your usual reaction and then over time it just exploded in popularity?I didn’t expect it to be so meme. It was something that happened over time, because when it was in the magazines it was, you know, the editors didn’t want to put it in the front because it’s kind of shady, so it was always in the back. It was kind of low key for a while until people online found it and started making memes about it.Do you think that memes distort the message you were trying to convey in “METAMORPHOSIS”?Memes are fine. I don’t think about conveying a message when I make a story. I mean, first and foremost, I wanted it to be fun to read.I’ve always been curious why “METAMORPHOSIS” has been so much of a meme in the West. What is the Japanese side of things? How has the Japanese public reacted to your work?I think the Japanese public finds my work a bit weird. Because my work is a bit different from mainstream h_ntai, as it’s more focused on the story. So, you know, but I keep trying to put a lot of sex in there too, to make it work. However, I think that in the Japanese market my best seller is still my first book. Well, that’s also because it’s been around a long time.How do you balance the amount of story with the amount of sex you put into a play?Actually if you have a h_ntai, there’s a story part for the first five pages and then like the next twenty pages of sex. So readers can skip the story part, you know. (…) I think a h_ntai is sexier if there is a story. So sex should be an integral part of the story.Can you explain how doujins avoid copyright laws in Japan?Basically, there is a code of honor. If the original copyright holder says “no doujins,” then you shouldn’t do any leniency. But if they don’t say anything, you’re free to go. (…) Recently there was the case of ‘Uma Musume’, and they said ‘no doujins’, so people don’t really do it.What about those annoying black lines?It’s a complicated dance with publishers, because an author will come to a publisher and they’ll tell him “it’s too much exposure”. (…) Publishers keep trying to push the boundaries, but there is always an answer. And, for example, when the Tokyo Olympics were held, the preparation process only increased censorship.Regarding censorship, is there any rule that has been put in writing?I think it depends on what you’re talking about. Because usually when someone publishes a book at Comiket, the people who run the convention drop by in the morning, check the book, and make sure everything is censored according to current h_ntai industry standards. . So now things have to have quite a lot of black squares. Ten years ago, it used to be said, “You have to have a barbell on the tip of your penis”, as well as “you have to have a barbell on your scrotum” (laughs), and “ you have to have a bar somewhere in the trunk.” Personally, I try to push the limits, whatever makes me feel uncomfortable, sometimes I try to go deeper into it. Just like, you know, getting a feel for myself.


In high school, Saki Yoshida was an outcast. Out of fear of being ostracized due to her introverted personality, she would isolate herself from her classmates. Repenting of this lifestyle, Ella Saki decided to change in high school. Saki’s initiative, who now dresses in nice clothes and puts on makeup, soon pays off and she makes several new friends on the first day of school. But her classmates aren’t the only ones impressed by Saki’s new look of hers: a young man named Hayato approaches her later and convinces her to join him at karaoke. Taking advantage of Saki’s unconsciousness, Hayato drugs her and takes advantage of her, promising that he will “play” with her again by leaving her. Stunned but curious about the sexual encounter, Saki decides to engage in more of these “social interactions,” not knowing what her metamorphosis will actually entail. Font: Youtube

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