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With the pandemic, everything seemed to indicate that teleworking was going to prevail in companies. However, reality has shown that neither employees nor companies want to be at home permanently. So a hybrid model has been imposed in which both situations are combined. And for this new environment, specific solutions are needed to improve productivity in this new work environment. And that’s what Lenovo ThinkSmart Core promises, a set of certified unified communications products and solutions for the different video conferencing and collaboration solutions most used by companies today, such as Teams. In this sense, Lenovo’s solution perfectly complements Microsoft Teams Rooms which has transformed meeting spaces and offers users a unique collaboration experience not provided by other solutions. In this sense, we are faced with one of the most successful solutions to promote collaborative work in a hybrid environment. The main of its advantages is that it is a modular room kit designed for meeting spaces. Thanks to this, flexibility is benefited but, in addition, it is a scalable solution, which allows it to be adapted to the needs of each company.

the important thing

What the Lenovo Room Kit solves is that in today’s hybrid work environment, not everyone in a meeting is in the same room. Some are in the office, while others are at home and others on a business trip. Therefore, they connect to a meeting online. Well, that was already made possible by any of the video collaboration tools, so where’s the news? The first one is that it is designed for hybrid work, in such a way that it is not necessary for each member of the meeting to have to carry their own device to be connected. Simply gather everyone who is present in the given room to connect with those who are not in the office that day. And all this, with a system that guarantees excellent quality thanks to all the tools and equipment it provides.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core is a suite of certified Unified Communications products and solutions for various video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

IT departments can choose from a couple of configurations depending on their needs. The first of these, called ThinkSmart Core + Controller, is a room kit designed for workspaces that are already equipped with audiovisual devices certified for any of the common video conferencing tools, such as Teams. The second, much more complete, is ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit. Here users find all Lenovo technology designed for hybrid work. The solution includes the ThinkSmart Core computing device and Controller that are combined with the ThinkSmart Cam and ThinkSmart Bar to deliver high-quality video and immersive audio, as well as smarter features for an enhanced collaboration experience. Compatible with huddle rooms, boardrooms and home offices, this kit can be further expanded with an added tabletop microphone.

State-of-the-art components

Let’s go on to analyze some of the most interesting components that make up this living room kit. Seeing each one of them, at Byte TI we highlight above all the ThinkSmart Cam, which is, in our opinion, the one that makes the difference. And it is that, it is a camera that has been equipped with artificial intelligence, allowing to improve the productivity of the meetings since, by following the conversation of each one of the members of the meeting, it facilitates the interactivity between each one of they. It is a device that is also very compact, so it can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall without its presence being hardly noticed. Obviously, apart from the AI, the camera has great quality, offering high contrast and improving images in those spaces where there is little light.

The next item we highlight is the ThinkSmart Controller, a 10.1-inch point-to-point touchscreen that is powered by USB-C over a 10-meter cable and can detect when participants enter the room thanks to the infrared sensors that it integrates. Its integrated kickstand offers 30- or 60-degree viewing angles, while a 3.5mm headphone jack provides a direct audio connection. We can say that the Lenovo kit works thanks to this solution. A screen that is above all ease of use, with a really simple interface, thanks to which you can start and control meetings, share content and collaborate easily no matter where the meeting members are.
Finally, the third element that has caught our attention the most is the ThinkSmart Core, thanks to which data security is especially relevant. The Lenovo kit is a solution designed for the peace of mind of companies on this point, and is provided by this tool. ThinkSmart Core includes ThinkShield, an integrated set of security solutions that Lenovo uses to protect devices and data. In addition, it incorporates the Intel vPro platform, which is responsible for providing hardware-based business security and, in our opinion, is one of the best that can be found on the market. In addition, the ThinkSmart Core Kit comes with one year of Lenovo value-added software and services, including a ThinkSmart Manager Premium license, the Lenovo Collaboration Management Software Suite, and ThinkSmart Professional Services: Deployment and Maintenance. .

Other elements

These are the elements that we liked the most about the kit, but you have to remember that none of them make sense individually. They all work together to provide the best hybrid work experience possible. In addition to those three, the kit also highlights the Think Smart Bar that provides the best possible sound. This solution incorporates stereo speakers, four built-in microphones with 180-degree wide-angle coverage, and built-in DSP noise cancellation for excellent sound quality. All elements are managed through the software ThinkSmart Manager. With this tool, IT teams can easily remotely deploy, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot their entire fleet of ThinkSmart devices. This custom manageability console is subscription based and includes one year of Premium as part of the kit.
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