Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Following the acquisition of Trams in the UK in July 2021, and Sofi Group in April 2022, Econocom continues its growth with a major acquisition: Semic. This deal gives the company an initial majority stake, while the founders and senior management remain fully committed to driving growth, benefiting from the synergies of the combined platforms. “We are very satisfied with this transaction, which significantly strengthens our presence in Spain, especially in some sectors where we need to be more present, and we benefit from a stronger relationship with our partners. This new acquisition opens a new era for Econocom as One Digital Company”, explains Carlos Pérez-Herce, Country Manager of Econocom Spain.

Semic and Econocom

Founded in 1982, Semic is a recognized global provider of IT solutions and services in Spain. The company offers its clients, both in the private and public sectors, a wide range of solutions that include hardware distribution, IT infrastructure consulting and implementation, and managed services.

Founded in 1982, Semic is a recognized global provider of IT solutions and services in Spain

Semic has more than 300 employees spread over 10 offices and 130 service points in Spain, and provides services to large international companies. Semic’s headquarters are located in Lleida. “We are especially excited to join Econocom as fellow travelers, since in Spain we are absolutely complementary organizations and we share the vision of the business model for the future of IT, together we can make a very important quantitative and qualitative leap”, announces Óscar Lopez, General Director and Founding Partner of Semic.

By Alvaro Rivers

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