Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The sudden changes that Morbius had in his filming caused those responsible for spatial effects to have to redo a lot of work.

The movie Morbius It has been one of the great failures of 2022, since with 163 million dollars, it will be a miracle if it does not end with losses. One of the big problems is that its editing is not the best and also the special effects are not up to what is expected of a movie today. Now, joel behrensVFX supervisor of Morbiusrevealed in an interview with CB that they did not live in the ideal situation when it came to doing the special effects for such an important film: «We had worked a little on the original scene, but not much, because there were rumors that they were thinking of changing the ending. So we had done quite a bit of development work and I wouldn’t say much shooting work. But we did a little bit of development work because it was initially supposed to be in Central Park, in that field area that you saw. of park. It kind of baffled us a little bit because then we had to build this completely CG environment, all of a sudden, we did it and we went back to filming. They built, I don’t know, maybe a 20 foot by 20 foot area of ​​the floor with some rubble. And then the rest was all blue screen. So we had to pretty much build the entire environment from scratch at the time.” Still, Morbius could return in one of the films they are preparing for Sony / Marvel What Venom 3, madam web either Kraven the Hunter. We will know more details in the coming years and hopefully Jared Leto can give us a new representation of this villain of spider-man.

By deepak yadav

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