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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram The Evening of the Year II took place over the weekend, an event organized by the popular streamer Ibai Llanos and his team. Millions of people gathered on Twitch to enjoy various boxing matches where other successful content creators faced each other. The stream peaked at 3.3 million viewers and averaged 2.4 million, so it was a landmark event for Twitch and the entertainment industry in general. How could it be otherwise, this brought very good benefits for Ibai, both in terms of subscribers and profits.
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The Evening of Year II shot up Ibai’s earnings and number of subscribers

Many people followed La Velada del Año II minute by minute and saw Ibai direct the successful production. Viewers were more than happy with the work of the streamer and his team, so many of them decided to start following the content creator on Twitch. In a later stream, Ibai revealed some of the amazing stats from the event. Thanks to this we know that he got more than 45,000 subscribers thanks to La Velada del Año II. As of this writing, he has 11.1 million followers on the platform. As you can imagine, this skyrocketed their earnings from subscriptions alone. So in a couple of days he earned approximately $110,000 USD, which is equivalent to $2,188,384 MXN. This is without taking into account the highest level subscriptions on Twitch. As if that were not enough, Ibai has already entered the top 5 most viewed Twitch channels. The streamer publicly thanked all the support from the community and the great work the production team did to make La Noche del Año II a reality. Twitch used their social networks to congratulate the content creator for all his achievements.

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