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In Japan there is a service known as “Rent Kano (レンカノ)“, which serves in a similar way to that shown in the franchise of Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent A Girlfriend), that is, renting a girl of your choice to act as your girlfriend for a certain time. The service is described as follows:
Do you want to spend a fun day with her? Do you want to go out with someone on vacation occasionally? Do you want someone to choose your clothes? Do you want to have dinner with her? Do you want to use it to rehearse for a date with your true love?… Please use this service when you want to do it. Please note that our company has been in service since September 2014. In addition, we have registered the word “Rent Kano” as a trademark with the Patent Office. Please be calm.”

But what recently trended on a comment board in Japan was a screenshot showing the requirements for a woman to be hired and, consequently, to be able to be rented through the service. These requirements are quite a few, and interested women must meet each and every one of them:
Requirements, the interested parties must not be:Women with boyfriends (possible if they have permission, or if they are willing to break up if caught).Underage.Under 20s (written parental permission required).Women who are not pretty.Women who plan to retire after dating. less than six months. An ugly woman according to her own prejudice. Women who are currently getting their teeth straightened (back braces are accepted). Atopic women (acne). Women with little girl power. Women who are not popular with men. Suspicious women. Women in great need of money. Women who are very shy. Women without style. to 22). Women who appear to be underage. Women who are slow to respond to emails, messages on LINE, etc. Women who are too busy with their daily work or studies. Women who tend to work part-time. Women who are currently high school students. Women with children (if they have a place to leave them). Women who are mentally ill (including those on medication), or psychotic or similar. Women who are mentally unstable, depressed or ill, or active sex workers .Women who introduced themselves but did not respond. Women who have no will of their own (those who need the permission of their parents, friends or others to do something). Women who work in another company of the same nature (come to visit us after resigning ).Women who do not have a smartphone (iPhone/Android). Today it is already possible to buy a disposable phone for work.
The prices vary according to the “category” of the girl that the interested party wants to rent, ranging from “Junior”, “Regular” and “Premium”. A two-hour date with a “Junior” is priced at 10,000 yen ($74), while a two-hour date with a “Regular” or “Premium” is priced at 12,000 yen ($89). Prices are increasing by an extra 5,000 yen per hour for “Junior” and 6,000 yen per hour for “Regular” and “Premium”. It should be noted that food and drink, as well as rental of facilities and transportation are not covered by this rate.

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By deepak yadav

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