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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter /YouTube/Instagram/News/Discord/Telegram After Disney brought the Star Wars franchise out of hiatus in the multimedia world, several very interesting projects have been carried out and the IP is arguably more active than ever. In fact, it has already been confirmed that there are a lot of games in the plans and one of them could be starring Boba Fett or the actor who brings him to life. This weekend, an interview with GAMINGbible was revealed in which Temuera Morrison participated, the actor in charge of playing the legendary bounty hunter today, as in the series focused on this character, The Boba Fett Book.
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Is a Star Wars game inspired by the Boba Fett story on the way?

In the interview, the actor was questioned about his participation in the video game industry and if he would be willing to work on another video game. In case you don’t know, we inform you that Morrison is not only a traditional actor, but he has also done voice acting work in the Star Wars: Battlefront subseries (modern installments and the original) and several titles in which he also gave the voice. voice Boba Fett, Jango Fett and other extra characters. The interesting thing is that, in addition to mentioning that it is a somewhat complex job, he suggested that he is involved in a video game project that apparently has not been revealed: “Oh yes, oh yes. Definitely. Gaming is where everything is too, because with a movie or a TV show everything ends, but with a video game you can be there a little more. There will be something on the way, I can tell you, “said the actor.
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Electronic Arts will continue to work on many Star Wars games

Although Electronic Arts has already anticipated that it will continue to work with the franchise, the only new installment revealed is from the Star Wars Jedi subseries and nothing has been said about another game, but it has already been made clear that Star Wars: Battlefront III is not in development, which that it is very likely that the game to which the actor refers is not this one. Some speculate about a possible return of Star Wars: Republic Commando, a title that fans request a lot. It is important to mention that in the original installment Morrison gave his voice to Delta 38, better known as Boss, the protagonist of the adventure. On the other hand, it is not ruled out that Morrison refers to a video game that involves him, but not necessarily Star Wars, despite the fact that the question was specifically focused on franchise projects. Would you like to see a game focused on the Boba Fett story? Tell us in the comments. You can find more news related to Star Wars if you visit this page.
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