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Doc Strange 2

The Doctor Strange 2 movie is a journey through the multiverse and we got to see 14 different realities and now we know more details.

It is now available Doc Strange 2 in Disney Plus and we can review as many times as we want one of the best movies of all time Marvel Cinematic Universe. This adventure through the multiverse shows us the beloved Doctor Strange protecting the newcomer America Chavez of Scarlet Witch.In an interview, the visual effects supervisor for Doctor Strange 2, alexis wajsbrotexplained the realities that appeared for a few seconds.

These are the Universes that appear in the film:

The Living Tribunal Statue World: “We wanted to start at Kamar-Taj, so there was always going to be some kind of view of Kamar-Taj that was very telescopic. We created a concept from scratch, which was in the first version, which was called The World of the Temple or the World of Giant Indian Statues. And at some point, it was switched to the world of the Living Tribunal state, which is a world that actually exists in the Marvel comics.” Alexis Wajsbrot told Onslaught Canyon World, which paid tribute to the film 127 Hours: “At some point, this world was almost abandoned because it was a bit reminiscent of the shots of the Grand Canyon in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now it’s a bit more like the movie 127 Hours with James Franco.” Honeycomb World. In Doctor Strange 2, the protagonists traverse a world made entirely of giant bee hives. “At some point, our line producer said, ‘Oh, what about Honeycomb World? We all said: Hey, that’s great. Let’s make a concept of Honeycomb World. And everyone loved it. In the last three weeks we started to feel… What does this world need? As artists, we think: It’s boring, we need to bring some life. Then we think that if anything lives in Honeycomb World, it must be giant bees. So we start populating giant bees and end up putting some water in as well so that the transition works better with the next one when we’re underwater.” The Mirror World. “Animator Mike Brunet introduced the idea of ​​a world of machines. Which became a glass world, which ended up being a little cheaper, because for the glass world, of course, you have to build the inside of each building.” Cube World. Doctor Strange’s face breaks down into little cubes: “That was one we added early on: a world where suddenly everyone turned into cubes. It was very technical to make the hair stick to the cubes and cut it while it was still animated. We did a lot of different versions of how we would cube things. First, we were emitting little cubes and we cut Strange, but that was too gory, so we changed the focus.”Paint World. “It’s a great simulation for the characters and some simulation for the background as well. It was one of the funniest moments in the movie, as America Chavez told Strange, “You don’t want to get stuck in there.” Comic Book World. Many fans thought that Doctor Strange 2 was making a reference to the Disney Plus animated series, but Alexis Wajsbrot reveals that this is not the case: “Interestingly, this was never supposed to be an Easter egg from the series What if…? It was always supposed to be an Easter egg from a comic book. That’s why the design of the comic book world is very different from What if…?, which is much more stylized. It’s much more about taking influence from some of the comics. If you read some Spider-Man or Doctor Strange comics, you’ll see that the colors are very vibrant, which is why this world was always supposed to be like that. There’s a lot of DMP compositing of some of the shadows and lines and all of that because that was the best way to do this world.” Post-Apocalyptic World. “It showed what would have happened in The Avengers if the team lost and… New York had been completely crushed.” Underwater World. “To make this Universe, we went from real time to slow motion, and we dove underwater! We had to get close to the face of the United States and we had to simulate that layer. It was really challenging.”Alt New York. “In this world there were no crowds and no cars for a long time, and then in the last three weeks we said: Well, what can we do to bring life? So, we add the fish that come from Underwater World that fall towards the cars and the road. That’s a Janek Sirrs idea to make sure the fish land on the windshield into New York. The fish falling on the windshield were made in the last two weeks of production. We also added cars with people in the cars and the crowd, that was very, very late in the day. There’s a reference to Sam Raimi and Bob Murawski, the publisher, they have this Grindhouse Releasing company, which is in one of the cabs.” Pipe World. “A new reference to Marvel movies since here it’s the drones from Spider-Man: Far From Home, and what we did there was the transition from the New York taxi to drones, they’re positioned the same way.”Savage Land . “We were going to have a jungle world from the beginning. Then, when talking to Marvel, it seemed like there was a world similar to the one that already existed in the Marvel universe called Savage World, where there were giant dinosaurs. It seemed like a great idea, so we did a classic T-Rex vs. Triceratops fight.”Hydra World. “This is like a New York world of yesteryear. If you see it in IMAX, there are references to Hydra on the giant sign. It is not visible in the 2:35 launch of Doctor Strange 2, it is only visible in IMAX. We put a Hydra logo on it. Our original idea was a world that got stuck in the 1930s and Hydra took over.”James Turrell World. “A world we had was based on the work of James Turrell, who is an artist who makes very simple pieces with light. It’s a shame because it was very simple to do, but it didn’t make it to the final cut.”Share0

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