Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The person behind the independent VTuber Mikeneko (みけねこ)published an extensive statement in which she broke the silence about her dismissal as the interpreter of the VTuber of Holo Live Production, Uruha Rushia. In the statement he explains the misunderstandings that occurred in his previous comments and how the company’s official statement actually exaggerated the things that actually happened.

The full statement from the ex-VTuber Uruha Rushia wrote: To all of those who have caused trouble and to all of those who have supported me, I’m so sorry it took me so long to make this statement. All this time, I have been in discussion with the company I was previously affiliated with about the details of this statement and how it will be published. My silence so far has given rise to much speculation, which in turn has led to much slander.There is one thing that I have wanted to strongly correct all this time: the statement that I said “I want to ruin all of you” in relation to the members. First of all, let me clarify that I had sent this on November 14, 2021 and not February 11, 2022. The timing and manner in which this message was leaked made it appear that he had sent it after the incident, but that is totally untrue. First of all, the “all of them” in this sentence didn’t refer to the members at all. Being unable to correct this for so long has weighed heavily on me and also caused a lot of people to suffer. Even now, I appreciate the members very much. Of course, I still watch their broadcasts, and I have not lost my ties to the Third Generation, whom I still love very much. It even seems like it was yesterday when I was with them. I don’t hold a grudge against them nor do I hold the slightest grudge. All I feel is regret for all the trouble I caused them.All the claims that I hold a grudge against the members and want to take revenge on them are 100% untrue. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this after all the trouble I’ve caused, but I think of each and every one of them as close friends.I’ve been wanting to do this fix for a long time. I offer my sincere apologies to all who have been harmed by not doing it. So sorry. Thanks to the progress in my discussions with my previous company, I can finally make this statement.There was a glaring error in the official statement released by the company, and I had asked them to post an official correction. Specifically, they stated that I “had made false statements to several related parties.” I sent an exchange between me and my manager on LINE to someone outside the company: this is true. I considered that I should do it to put an end to certain conversations that were taking place at that moment. However, I did not leak any other information, nor did I make any false statements. The content of what I submitted did not include any confidential details of the company, whether related to its operations or sales, or information about other members. The official statement from the company described more than what I had actually done, which caused a lot of slander. Therefore, I asked the company to publish an official rectification. In the end they came to the conclusion that they would not do it, but they remained very serious throughout the discussion. I appreciate it a lot. I was hoping that the company and I would be able to make a joint statement, but since they were unable to cooperate to that extent, I am now making this statement alone.I keep arguing with the company and our relationship has not deteriorated at all. We are still working out the remaining contractual obligations.Until now, I have been the subject of many slanders and slanders. I understand that this is due in part to my own impulsive actions; I can’t say I’m not to blame. However, I also want to say that I feel like there is something wrong with a world so full of vilification. I am aware that there are many people, besides me, who also suffer from slander; I think a world where we look to the future and lend a hand to those who stumble is much more wonderful than one where we just point out someone’s past mistakes and failures. I myself will walk forward as I greatly treasure the green-haired necromancer I will always love so deeply.I promise to make a constant effort to give back to all my fans, those who have helped me behind the scenes and those who have upset me. Thank you very much for reading such a long statement. Font: @95rn16 on Twitter


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