Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Certainly, natural alternatives for the treatment of various ailments and aesthetic uses have been gaining more and more ground among those who take advantage of their benefits for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Thus, the production of CBD proliferates with the same boom to be used in all those areas where it contributes from a minimum of benefit, to those where it is the base of the productive chain. In this way, it is taken for granted before the world that talking about hemp is also talking about an important ally for health and that you can find it at The production of CBD, for the most part, focuses on three different processes, oil extraction, Co2 extraction and solvent extraction, through which the main objective is to separate CBD from other types of cannabinoids present in the plant, such as it would be THC, which causes the famous psychotropic effect. These procedures make it possible to obtain, through each of its forms, a pure product, which, through different procedures, achieves the extraction of the long-awaited CBD oil.
Oil extraction. It is one of the most used methods of extraction in the production process, it is also simple and economical to carry out. The activation of cannabinoids is achieved by mixing vegetable oil with the decarboxylated plant, after this step and by means of heat they are extracted, these in turn will join the oil, which will be ready for use. The concentration of CBD will not be very high due to the use of the oil in its preparation, at the same time that all chemical residues will be eliminated.Co2 extraction. This method, due to its complexity, is one of the most expensive, since to carry out this procedure certain technical knowledge is required in the handling of machinery specially designed to obtain the oil. To describe the operation of this machinery, we can summarize that Co2 is the main solvent that will allow the separation of the plant’s compounds through special extractors, consisting of three chambers, the last one being the one that will allow us to obtain the precious oil.Solvent extraction. To obtain the oil, only a chemical solvent is needed. It is also considered the least recommended, since the probability of chemical residues remaining in the final product is very high. The chemicals used are generally alcohol, butane or ethanol, which can be harmful to health, so the oil obtained should not be used for medicinal purposes. The quality in the purity of the final product will define the use that is going to be given to it and what products to elaborate. Certainly, the extraction process using Co2 is the one that offers the highest degree of purity, it is generally used for the preparation of therapeutic products. Oil extraction is widely used in the production of food products, supplements, etc. due to the nutritional properties obtained from the vegetable oil used in the process. And finally, the extraction with solvents, which by not guaranteeing a product free of toxic substances, its use is questionable. In any of the three methods, what is guaranteed is the cancellation of THC, so there will be no type of psychotropic effect.

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