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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Everything indicates that through PlayStation, Sony will promote a diversification of its businesses and proof of this could take place in the coming days as the Japanese company, according to information revealed a few moments ago, It would present a new gaming brand designed around devices and accessories such as headsets and monitors.

Sony will present the INZONE brand, specialized in gaming headsets and monitors

A report by Tom Henderson, a renowned independent journalist, revealed information from reliable sources who indicated that Sony will present the INZONE gaming brand in the coming days, which will initially consist of a line of headsets and monitors ready to improve the PlayStation 5 experience. According to the leak, these devices and accessories would be presented by the Japanese company next week, it should be remembered that it is rumored that the next State of Play will take place in a few days, so the event could show video games and the INZONE offer.

What will be the new Sony headsets for PlayStation?

That said, the report indicates that in terms of headsets, INZONE will have the H line, made up of 3 models with the following characteristics (still to be confirmed):
Wired equipment Affordable cost Spatial audio 360
Wireless Equipment Best Battery Performance 360 ​​Spatial Audio
Wireless Device Most Expensive 360 ​​Spatial Audio Sound Cancellation

INZONE will have 2 monitors considered perfect for PlayStation 5

On the other hand, INZONE would be complemented by a line of gaming monitors described as “perfect for PlayStation 5” and 2 models would be revealed in the presentation. Namely, one is designed for a Full HD experience, while the other will bet on 4K. In the same way, these monitors would have screen assistance for players, indicating the rate of frames per second, game time, optimal lighting levels and settings according to how light or dark there is in a space. Likewise, the sources indicate that these options could be activated and deactivated according to the user’s preferences and give as an example that being active in a shooter it is possible to see the enemies and their movements more clearly. We remind you that this is unofficial information waiting to be confirmed by PlayStation. however, the rumors are very strong, the sources reliable and it seems that next week the State of Play will be a fact. Still here at WTTSpod.
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