Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

buzz lightyear

The movie Lightyear is already in theaters and you can enjoy a great space adventure in the purest Pixar style.

For now, Lightyear It is not turning out to be the success that was expected, since with a budget of 200 million for now they have obtained 84 million worldwide. But that does not mean that we are facing one of the animated films of the year and that it will surely compete for the Oscar. Now we know that it was going to start in a very different way, but the former president of waltdisney, Bob Igerhe asked the director of the film a question and everything changed.Angus McLanedirector of Lightyearrevealed this anecdote in a recent interview with CB: «Originally, the opening was the first mission. Because we knew we wanted time dilation. But we didn’t know why we wanted time dilation. And so the accident allowed us to have that. But more than anything, we started the movie, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but Buzz wasn’t a Space Ranger when we started. And it was about him becoming a Space Ranger. And what happened was he took too long to get her in… It became like, Yeah, yeah. I know he becomes a Space Ranger! So, as an audience member… It was actually Bob Iger who said: Why can’t he just start with the suit? And we said: he can’t because… wait, yeah, why can’t he? So we added (how) we’re going to give it Buzz Lightyear action right up front so the audience WANT to go back to that. They feel the need to say: Yes, put him back in the suit! So when he gets the suit, you’re like, Great, this is what he wants. He wants to be in the nostalgia of what he was. And that became a point in history.” We must recognize that the beginning of Lightyear It’s fast-paced and they probably made the right decision. Did you like the movie? Here we leave our review.Share0

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