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Short-term turnover and employability expectations in the ICT services sector in Spain remain positive, with 70.6% of entrepreneurs expecting growth in activity for the next three months. This is revealed by the delivery of the monthly ICT Monitor barometer, prepared jointly by VASS and CEPREDE, which also reflects that the average year-on-year growth of ICT activity in the first quarter of 2022 rises, in real terms, to 16%. “The pulse of the digital services sector in Spain is more remarkable considering that the GDP of the first quarter of 2022 was in Spain almost 3.5% below the pre-pandemic GDP, while in the average of the euro area this it has already been overcome”, explains Antonio Rueda, director of VASS Research and head of TIC Monitor.

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The good figures of the technology sector in Spain are also reflected in its capacity to create jobs. Thus, the demand for specialized talent has grown by 7.1% between March 2021 and March 2022, also marking the highest record in the historical series. These figures have had an impact on a positive evolution of the average turnover per employee, which was seriously damaged by the COVID-19 crisis, and which is now growing at a rate of 9.6% in the last twelve months.

ICT companies in Spain break records with a year-on-year growth of 22% in their turnover

For its part, the good state of health of the ICT services sector in Spain is also reflected in short-term billing expectations. On a -100/+100 scale, they remain positive with +40.8 points, although with a slight decrease compared to the previous installment. In addition, the expectations of specialized job creation in Spain improve for the third consecutive month, compared to the slight cooling registered in the whole of the European Union. Thus, 70.4% of Spanish ICT companies expect to create net employment in the period between June and August. “Where will be the limit in the generation of new jobs linked to this space of activity? For the time being, and bearing in mind that the ICT services sector has become a real engine of the economy and employability in Spain, this frontier will be found in our ability to generate talent with the right skills”, concludes Antonio Rueda. on the barometer.

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