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AELIS emerged in 2005 with the aim of providing high-value computer support services for networks and business software implementations of the Sage group to Spanish SMEs. Today, thanks to the effort, creativity, innovation, it is committed to the new generations and the trust of its clients, in one of the leaders of the Spanish market, providing one of the broadest and most specialized portfolios of business solutions on the market. AELIS’s objective is very clear: to provide high-value digitization to its clients, improving their efficiency and competitiveness, through the most innovative business technologies and adapting them to the particularities of the sector that make them unique. To this must be added the accompaniment in the implementation processes, the high know-how of its professionals and years of experience in sector specialization, combined with the most recognized standard business management solutions on the market and sector solutions adapted to the needs of the business.

Main lines of activity/business

AELIS has a great diversification in terms of its business lines, from business management solutions (Sage ERP, Salesforce CRM, manufacturing solutions, logistics, HR, vertical and Business Intelligence solutions, Android mobility solutions, Microsoft 365 ), going through eCommerce and digital Marketing solutions (eCommerce Prestashop, connectors with Sage, Amazon, eBay and Prestashop) to specific Cloud Computing solutions and services, System and Network Services, Cybersecurity, etc.

The importance of using technology to optimize processes

From the beginning, human beings have been intrinsically linked to technological development, taking advantage of their curiosity and using their creativity, intelligence and innovation to improve their quality of life by optimizing daily processes.

AELIS has a great diversification in terms of its lines of business

Eduardo Vía Mélich, CEO of AELISEduardo Vía Mélich, CEO of AELIS If we transfer this to the business world in the current era, there has never been such a leap and improvement in process optimization in such a short time. In fact, the use of technology for process optimization has gone from being a novelty to being mandatory, with the loss of profitability predestined for those organizations that do not apply it. Human beings increasingly demand more data and information, which are only viable if supplied through technology.

Sage’s role as a partner in the AELIS strategy

Sage has been betting on technological innovation focused on small and medium-sized companies for many years, which has given it very important competitive advantages over its competition. In addition, this desire for investment and constant improvement is very much in tune with AELIS, having a very good relationship, collaboration and facilitating the constant search for synergies that allows us to continue improving our solutions with the aim of making life easier for our customers. In addition to being a great strategic partner of AELIS, it helps us on a day-to-day basis, so that we focus on what we do best, digitizing SMEs with the most advanced and consolidated technologies on the market.

The importance of European aid to incorporate technology in SMEs

The best help that can be given is to relieve businessmen and citizens with the tremendous legal, regulatory and fiscal burden that exists in Spain. Transforming our economy to make Spain a competitive country and for our companies to continue growing and looking abroad, is not achieved with specific aid that in many cases distorts the process of digitization of companies, being in many cases counterproductive, since they are slowing down investment in those companies that had decided on their digitization projects. Nor are the concession and execution times as desirable, once again worsening the investment and the digitization process.

By Alvaro Rivers

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