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The data has revealed that Marvel Studios’ biggest MCU flop is even above DC Comics’ biggest success on television.

The television series of Marvel Studios They are one of the most consumed products today. Since the appearance of Disney+, the MCU Phase 4 has advanced by leaps and bounds when it comes to telling us stories. However, as we informed you a few days ago, all that glitters is not gold. The series premiere of kamala khan It has become the studio’s first big flop on the streaming platform. However, his data, although worse than his predecessors, are even better than the greatest success of DC Comics on the small screen. That is to say, it is above Peacemaker. The premiere of Kamala Khan was seen by 775,000 American households. This made the series Ms Marvel in the worst premiere of a UCM series since Disney + began its online journey. However, the 775,000 US households are above the record for the DC Extended Universe in hbo max. That record was set by Peacemaker, the series of James Gunn. The show starring John Cena it reached 638,000 North American households during its premiere. That means that the biggest “skid” of Kevin Feig and company surpassed the resounding success of the spin-off of The Suicide Squad by more than 100,000 views.

What does this data mean? This is our opinion

The data is, to say the least, enlightening. This does not mean that Ms Marvel be better or worse series than Peacemaker. It has nothing to do with personal taste. What these data indicate is that Kevin Feige’s film studio is way ahead of plans for Warner Bros. Pictures with DC Comics. They have built a very solid universe and it has established itself among viewers, among the mass public, as the greatest offer in the superhero genre today. Reversing this context is going to be a real dream, but the DCEU must continue working to, organically, achieve some of that status of media impact and not look in the rearview mirror at your esteemed competition.Share0

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