Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

In a world as competitive as the current one, personal image plays a notable role in the professional field. In fact, some studies suggest that the smile has a significant impact on first impressions, which is why more and more people are undergoing aesthetic dental treatments. It is no accident that the smile is considered one of the best and most effective business cards. It is estimated that at least 45% of people notice the smile of a stranger first, before other aspects, such as clothing, attitude or gestures.
For this reason, every year thousands of people put themselves in the hands of aesthetic dental professionals, such as those found in the clinic. Carlos Saiz Smile. It is a specialized center, located in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which has advanced technology and a highly qualified human team, which has led them to become the favorite dental clinic of numerous ‘celebrities’.

What is dental aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics is a field of dentistry that is responsible for improving the general appearance of the smile, therefore, there are numerous procedures in this area. After a comprehensive diagnosis, oral health professionals implement treatments such as invisible orthodontics, teeth whitening, gum plastic surgery, among others. It should be noted that these procedures focus on improving the size, alignment, color and shape of the teeth, according to the characteristics of each face. In this way, it will be possible to obtain a smile that is as aesthetic and healthy as it is in harmony with the rest of the face.

What are the advantages of aesthetic dental treatments?

When a patient undergoes aesthetic dental treatment, they not only enjoy a beautiful smile. Below is a brief list of some of the main benefits and advantages of aesthetic dental procedures.

improve oral health

It is no secret that aesthetic dentistry and its innovative treatments are effective in preventing long-term dental problems. Many of the procedures are not only focused on improving the appearance of the smile, In addition, they prevent the teeth from deteriorating and protect the already damaged pieces.
Oral health professionals assure that after cosmetic dental treatment it is only necessary to maintain optimal dental hygiene to preserve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Increase confidence and self-esteem

On the other hand, the results of a cosmetic dental procedure also have the ability to improve mental health, strengthen confidence and increase self-esteem. An aesthetic smile can have a positive impact on love and professional relationships.

They help save money

Aesthetic dental treatments also work as a preventive measure for the future. For example, dental implants are designed to prevent teeth from losing their alignment, while protecting the gums and bone tissue. Therefore, it is considered that cosmetic dental treatments are convenient to save money on dental problems that can be prevented. This area of ​​dentistry is also concerned with ensuring healthy and efficient teeth.

Improve essential functions of the mouth

Mistakenly, some people consider that natural aesthetic treatments are completely cosmetic solutions, nothing could be further from the truth.
Different studies confirm that patients who have put themselves in the hands of professional dental aesthetics have improved their bite, which has a positive impact on the masticatory apparatus. In addition, these procedures also treat chipped, stained, and even missing teeth. As you can see, the benefits of dental aesthetics are reason enough to opt for a treatment that can help positively transform the smile. Through specialized clinics such as those of Carlos Saiz Smile, it is now possible to enjoy the best advice and highly qualified professional assistance.

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