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Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram A few days ago, there was a very strange case on Steam, as a title recently disappeared from the platform and there was no clear explanation of what happened. It didn’t take long for the mystery to be solved and today not only is the game back and it didn’t disappear for the reason some believed. In case you had not heard about what happened, on June 16 Ready or Not, a shooting game in which the player is part of a SWAT squad that is responsible for breaking into high-risk situations. This title recently received new content that incorporated a shootout inside a nightclub. Some speculated on the possibility that the game has disappeared to evoke an event that happened in real life, a shooting that happened 6 years ago in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in the United States.
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Why did Ready or Not leave Steam?

Developer VOID Interactive was quick to contact players and promised to resolve the situation as soon as possible; In fact, he assured in the first instance that a supposed problem with the Backend was what had caused the title to disappear from Steam, but in the end the truth is different. The studio issued a new statement in which it decided to dispel the rumors and speak clearly about the disappearance of Ready or Not on Steam last Thursday, which occurred as a result of a copyright claim surrounding an element that was in the new Night Club map.
In case you missed it: Ready or Not caused some controversy before debuting. “We take the issue of IP very seriously, and as a show of goodwill, we have decided to remove the materials in question and any references to them from Ready or Not and from any social media and other posts,” the statement read, though The precise material that caused the claim is not specified. Fans believe this is the name of the in-game nightclub, which was similar to a real-life one located in the UK. The good news is that the problem has been fixed and the game is now available on Steam again. What do you think of this curious case of this game that temporarily disappeared from Steam? Tell us in the comments. Ready or Not is available on PC. You can find more Steam related news by visiting this page.
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