Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The InPost Group company, Mondial Relay, has released the three basic tips for getting a perfect shipment. And it is that, the company continues to expand day by day the hybrid non-home delivery network that it has deployed throughout Europe. Well, in addition to receiving packages, it also makes all its proximity points available to its customers – the Punto Pack proximity businesses and its Lockers to make shipments to delivery points located in the countries where it provides service.

perfect shipping

In this sense, the company offers three tips focused both on those who want to use its parcel services and on any consumer who wants to make a shipment:

Weigh your package: All shipping services set their rates based on weight bands. Many people do not do a careful calculation of how much their order weighs, which can cause the band to change and, therefore, the price. To avoid paying more than you should, the ideal is to always weigh the package before sending it. But there is a doubt: how should we do it? If you have an ordinary bathroom scale, Mondial Relay suggests a little trick: get on top of it with and without the order. The difference between the two values ​​will correspond to the weight of the package. In any case, if it is light, you can also use a kitchen scale.

Mondial Relay offers three tips for making the “perfect shipment”

Correctly pack the order: It is advisable not to directly package what we want to send, since this can damage the object/product during transport. It is preferable to choose a cardboard box of the dimensions of the shipment and use padding material to cover the empty spaces. In case we do not have anything suitable on hand, newspaper or magazine paper can work perfectly. In the event that a box that has already been delivered by another carrier is going to be reused, all the labels with which it arrived must be removed, especially those with address and barcodes, to avoid confusion when it is on its way to your destination. new destination.
Add the new tags: Once the previous steps have been carried out, the new labels corresponding to the new shipment must be correctly placed, following the instructions given. It is important to keep in mind that, in the case of Mondial Relay, as with other logistics companies, there are labels that must be placed inside the box, so this must be taken into account before closing hastily. If non-transparent tape is used to close the box, care must be taken that it does not cover important information such as address or barcodes.

By Alvaro Rivers

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