Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

By 2024, 55% of commercial robots are expected to use the Robot Operating System (ROS), the international robotics standard for building robot software and applications. In relation to this, the Basque startup Acceleration Robotics has announced ROBOTCORE, a framework for creating robotic chips that work up to 500 times faster than modern processors. “In order for robots to move faster, we need to send all this information in less time, in an accelerated way. Many of the existing algorithms in robotics work very well, we simply need to execute them faster, with specialized hardware such as ROBOTCORE”, explains Víctor Mayoral Vilches from Acceleration Robotics.


ROBOTCORE extends the popular ROS robot operating system so that engineers can focus on making robots faster, without reinventing the wheel during development, using the same programming tools they are used to.

Acceleration Robotics announces ROBOTCORE, a framework for creating robotic chips and making robots faster

The solution will also help robotics engineers to create new hardware, their own robotic chips. Developed using FPGAs and GPUs, these designs will be able to be more precise and faster in time, as well as consume less power than current processors.

By Alvaro Rivers

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