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By Francesc Núñez, ERP Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting SpainBy Francesc Núñez, ERP Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain Many successful companies are born from a more or less disruptive idea when a need is detected to cover through which to generate business. But launching an initiative that may seem brilliant at first is not a guarantee of the company’s continuity. Many intrinsic or extrinsic factors intervene in its success or failure. A good partner to promote a new business or strengthen an existing one is a good management software, an ERP. Why can an ERP help me with my business? Because it solves such obvious questions as how much do my clients owe me? Do I have the capacity to pay my debts this month? and next month? I need help? Do I make money selling this product or that service? can i work faster? There are three fundamental aspects by which an ERP can become our best partner:

Automatisms that allow an increase in productivity and efficiency.

An automatic billing system, with pre-established quotas, automatic connection with the bank to reconcile collections and payments, and a system for scanning tickets and invoices, saves time to dedicate to what really matters, the business. In addition, the ERP system must be open to connections with other parts: a connection with our online store, with the sales force tool, or with our delivery system helps us to see the complete circuits, to improve them and offer a better service. To our client. Without a doubt, it is a key point in the management of a business. Proactive decision making will always help us change things before it’s too late. In this sense, a system with unified data helps us to anticipate scenarios, for example, in the management of sales opportunities, their performance, their cost, financial analyzes that allow us to react practically in real time, cash flow reports to anticipate specific liquidity problems, etc. A good collaboration with experts who help us can be fundamental. The connection with our tax, accounting and business advisor also helps in making decisions, in the fiscal, financial or accounting management of our business. Thanks to new technologies, we can also ensure that our ERP, and therefore the control of our business, is accessible from any point and anywhere, both for us and for our advisor or other collaborators who contribute to the success of our bussines.
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