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By Eva Miras, Sales Manager of Zucchetti SpainBy Eva Miras, Sales Manager of Zucchetti Spain The situation of the ERP-CRM market is experiencing a moment of expansion. The Covid-19 pandemic has made many companies aware of the urgent need to commit to digital transformation. The old business processes, in which there was a predominance of manual tasks and the use of dispersed computer programs, are changing for new ones, models where migration to the cloud and automation are key to guarantee the productivity of companies. It is in this context that Zucchetti Spain’s Solmicro ERP solution is playing a decisive role. ERP-CRM software is the central tool for process management and enterprise resource planning in the new digital age. Therefore, it is necessary to use solutions that adapt to the reality of the market, increase productivity, allow data to be managed securely and intelligently, and help generate business intelligence to facilitate the strategic development of the company.

Characteristics of an ERP adapted to the digital age

ERP-CRM programs have gone from being complex and difficult to implement tools, dedicated mainly to large companies, to being flexible and affordable solutions for all types of companies. One of the characteristics of Solmicro ERP, the Zucchetti Spain ERP-CRM software, is its high flexibility and customization. This tool allows its functionalities and visual characteristics to be modified according to the needs of each company, without touching the source code and without affecting the evolution of the software in future updates.

One of the characteristics of Solmicro ERP, Zucchetti Spain’s ERP-CRM software, is its high flexibility and customization

This solution has been designed precisely to facilitate ERP implementations. Waiting time is reduced, the process is simplified and, as a consequence, costs are reduced, in such a way that it provides the agility and transparency that companies of all sizes need to approach their digitization without complications. Designed with an intuitive interface, very visual and where a lot of work has been done on its usability, the process of adapting to change and training employees is much faster and easier. Solmicro ERP combines at the same time the flexibility and simplicity of an adaptable software with the most avant-garde technology on the market. With Solmicro ERP, any company can evolve from a traditional ERP program to a current and avant-garde solution that will help to enhance the transformation of its processes and improve competitiveness and profitability. Solmicro ERP from Zucchetti Spain has been designed to be able to integrate with other software solutions that the company works with, and of course with the entire set of Zucchetti business solutions, such as Human Resources management software, including HR mobility software. and payroll, MES production planning and control software, advanced production planning solutions, POS software for the Horeca sector, smart workspace management solutions, cybersecurity or access control and security solutions.

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