Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

The scanner continues to be a fundamental element in digitization processes. In fact, more and more companies need to digitize documents that they had in other formats, mainly on paper. In this aspect, companies seek solutions that allow them to streamline document management processes and that are sustainable. For this reason, having efficient solutions that allow cost savings in energy matters and, above all, that allow for increased productivity, must be done in the hands of a partner that knows the market and accompanies the client to provide the solutions that best suit them. suit your needs. And, in this sense, one of the leading companies in the market is PFU Limited. The firm has just released its latest developments, which represent a significant evolution of its market-leading image scanners, the Fujitsu fi-8000 series. It is a set of equipment that is designed to respond to today’s digitization challenges and generate a sustainable business impact.

The scanner remains a fundamental element in digitization processes

The multinational has incorporated a new technology, called Clear Image Capture, which guarantees exceptional image quality in all Fujitsu fi-8000 series devices, surpassing the capabilities of CIS or CCD technologies. Aiming to set new standards, Clear Image Capture ensures industry-leading OCR accuracy and the ability to capture a wide range of documents. PFU Limited’s commitment was that the new equipment had higher levels of reliability, reduced energy consumption and continuously provided perfect feeding thanks to the latest generation automatic separation control. All this has been achieved with the new innovations that have been introduced in the Fujitsu fi-8000 series. In addition, intelligent sound paper protection (iSOP) and patented image monitoring technology combine to securely capture passports, booklets up to 7mm thick or mixed batches of documents, even when labels are attached. or photos.
The new range is designed to deliver maximum uptime and real-world productivity, thanks to improved double-feed detection that prevents jams and misfeeds by capturing up to 90 duplex pages at speeds. per minute (180 ipm). In addition, one of the benefits of these new machines is the overscan control feature, which automatically adjusts the scan area to prevent image loss on slightly skewed documents and allows users to avoid rescanning at all. document in addition to ensuring uninterrupted operation. “More and more companies and organizations are looking for reliable long-term solutions to lay solid foundations in their digital transformation strategies, and with the new fi-8000 series we put in their hands equipment of the highest quality and efficiency for capturing of information”, says Jesús Cabañas, regional director of PFU (EMEA) for Spain and Portugal. “According to the data in our 2020 Organizational Intelligence report, the amount of data they must manage is a challenge for most organizations, so integrating reliable data into business processes efficiently is key. Our new series of devices with PaperStream software will allow us to offer them a seamless transition from paper to data.”

Performance and precision

With the new line of scanners, users can scale automated data capture to help their organizations become smarter as they move through their digital transformation. And it is that, for this, the scanners incorporate the PaperStream software, which offers a set of tools and business solutions that improve data management. In short, with the new line of scanners from PFU Limited, companies are going to incorporate equipment into their departments that significantly improves their performance, in addition to increasing their image precision. Thanks to these characteristics, better decision-making, greater competitiveness and more long-term strategic advantages for companies are obtained.
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