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Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram Capcom finally officially presented Street Fighter 6 with a gameplay trailer in the past State of Play, but the news did not end there, as the company has not stopped sharing more details and Thus, it has already confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will have cross-play and a very special rollback netcode. Street Fighter V was the first title in the series to include rollback netcode, one of the main features that an online fighting game must have to ensure smooth combat. As if that were not enough, this installment also enabled cross-play, which allowed PlayStation and PC console players to play with each other regardless of their platform.
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Street Fighter 6 will have cross-play and rollback netcode

Well, Capcom has already reported that Street Fighter 6 will also have these 2 features. This means that PlayStation users will be able to play online with Xbox and PC users regardless of platform. We know this because the developers at Capcom revealed it directly to content creator and fighting game enthusiast Maximilian Dood.

On the other hand, it was also confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will have a rollback necode and it will not be a rollback netcode similar to that of Street Fighter V, but rather it will be one made from scratch especially for the new installment. “A lot of effort is being put into the development of the netcode. And it’s not something that just the netcode engineers are involved in. We’re engaging the combat team to be involved in that development to ensure that the experience is smooth and that it really feels good. We’re working really hard on it right now,” project director Takayuki Nakayama confirmed to IGN.
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Check out the new HD gameplay of Street Fighter 6

Additionally, you should know that Capcom brought Street Fighter 6 to the Summer Game Fest 2022 face-to-face event and left few people to play it there. Thanks to this, people like Maximilian Dood were able to get their hands on it and test the first announced characters and not only that, but they were able to capture the gameplay and publish it on their official channels. Then we leave you with his test of several minutes and his analysis with detailed comments. Are you excited for Street Fighter 6? Tell us in the comments. Street Fighter 6 is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC and is expected to debut in 2023. You can find more news related to it by visiting this page.
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