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New research by clearly shows the growth in NFT adoption in the Andean countryit is said that one in 10 Peruvians owns an NFT and more than 14% hope to acquire one of these pieces that are so popular today. Today we will be doing an in-depth analysis of the huge adoption of NFT in Latin America and the surprise appearance of Peru as a potential leader on the continent in the coming years.

What are NFTs?

For those who do not know what NFTs are or (non-fungible tokens), they are unique and immutable digital pieces that represent some digital or physical object upon receiving a value granted by the market. These NFTs can be from artwork, collectibles, music, GIFs, even game items, avatars, and much moreThe truth is that the variety of NFTs can be quite extensive and can vary depending on the business model employed by their issuer.

Research by

For this research, more than 28,000 people worldwide in more than 20 countries, showing significant growth in Peru that in recent years had not shown large figures in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. To carry out this research, the opinion of 1,202 Peruvians about the existence of NFT of your property to which out of every 100 people, 10 of them currently owned NFTs and 14 of them planned to acquire some of these pieces very soon.

Accelerated growth!

Although Peru is not the country with the largest NFT holdings, it is the country with the highest growth rate in recent months, reaching behind pioneering countries such as Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia, which show a percentage higher than 10% in the possession of NFT in their population but which in turn do not show such a high potential for acquisition in the coming months as Peru with its 14%. In addition, the data indicates that the NFT market in Peru is dominated by men due to the fact that there is a gap of 3.5 percentage points, which is larger than the global gender gap of 2.7 percentage points. Mostly men between 45 and 54 years old.

In conclusion

It is important to highlight the phenomenon that is occurring in this country, since a large part of the population has decided to leave his formal job to dedicate himself fully to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFT. This is because the sacrifice when making profits through NFT decreases significantly and provides a highly attractive investment option. Without a doubt, this is a clear example of what these investment markets can do. by offering large percentages of profitability in short periods of time but that they are presented as a double-edged sword if the volatility of this market decides to play a trick. Disclaimer: The information found on CryptoReport is that of the cited writers. It does not represent the opinions of Criptoinforma on whether to buy, sell or hold investments. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use the information provided at your own risk. See the Legal Notice for more information.

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