Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

By Enrique Martín, Sales Director for Large Companies and Public Administrations at SamsungBy Enrique Martín, Sales Director for Large Companies and Public Administrations at Samsung Mobile devices are increasingly important in digital transformation and have become a simple and fast gateway for cyber-attacks, in a hyper-connected environment.

However, it is possible to carry out a mobile strategy that ensures data protection in any type of scenario:

1. Create a mobile security policy and train employees

It is very important to establish how mobile technology should be used in the company, and this policy must be updated according to the needs of the different business areas. Employee awareness is crucial, as any individual violation can lead to critical breaches in the corporate environment.

2. Secure hardware and software

Over the past decade, smartphone security has improved significantly, but not all devices are created equal. Samsung’s Knox platform verifies the integrity of the device each time it boots, providing reliability in both hardware and software. The most effective approach is to purchase mobile devices that offer a robust security platform and can be managed through MDM.

3. Invest in mobile device management

An MDM solution reduces many risks. It allows you to block third party access to devices and make decisions when the terminal is being misused or there is a possible attempt to circumvent security. MDM tools are easy to implement and provide the visibility needed to address threats; in addition to automatically running business applications.

4. Make cybersecurity a constant priority

Attacks evolve in sophisticated ways and very quickly. At Samsung security is very important; and we continually improve our products and services. An example of this is that 25% of our workforce is dedicated to innovation; and entities such as the National Cryptologic Center certifies our devices, which incorporate Samsung Knox, year after year. We also offer a suite of security and management tools to keep data protected on any type of endpoint. Samsung Knox Manage allows you to manage Samsung and other Android, iOS and Windows devices. In short, we offer a simple and reliable security solution for all companies. We position ourselves as a trusted partner for the digital transformation of businesses, which must embrace the opportunities offered by mobility and connectivity; without losing sight of the challenges posed by this new era.

By Alvaro Rivers

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