Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Security departments at companies of any size can now gain an unprecedented global view of all organizational assets, both managed and unmanaged, with the CrowdStrike Asset Graph. CrowdStrike’s new graphical data solution collects information from the CrowdStrike Security Cloud. And it is that, 69% of companies have suffered an attack initiated on an unmanaged or unknown connected asset. Thanks to CrowdStrike Asset Graph, this problem is solved by dynamically analyzing any interaction between assets and offering a holistic and contextualized view of risks.

CrowdStrike Asset Graph

It also introduced Humio for Falcon, a new feature that extends CrowdStrike Falcon telemetry data retention beyond one year to improve threat analytics and attack resolution capabilities.

CrowdStrike Extends Corporate Protection to Historical Data and Hidden Assets with CrowdStrike Asset Graph

With this functionality, enterprise security teams will be able to store Falcon telemetry enriched and contextualized with information from endpoints, workloads, and identities flowing through the corporate network. The company has also revealed new capabilities for Falcon XDR that will enable security professionals to reduce attack detection times and simplify operations flows with automated ticketing through cooperation with ServiceNow. Finally, the company has also announced the incorporation of new strategic partners in the CrowdXDR Alliance initiative, including the mail and web security specialist Menlo Security; the identity and access management expert Ping Identity; and detection and response specialist Vectra AI.

By Alvaro Rivers

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