Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

A unicorn company in Argentina wants to expand its payment solutions and even help companies in Brazil to accept cryptocurrencies. To do this, a program was created to facilitate the process by the company, which now presents how everything will work. In the year 2021, several global companies bought bitcoin as a store of value, and many of them are listed on stock exchanges. Some who drew attention to this movement were undoubtedly MicroStrategy, Tesla and Mercado Livre, among others. In Argentina, however, another step was taken by Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a company that has its shares listed on one of the main stock exchanges in the United States. After buying bitcoin as a reserve, the company seeks to create in the sector, its activity being software development, technology consulting, among others.

Globant will help companies in Brazil to accept cryptocurrencies

Last April, Globant co-founder and CEO Martin Migoya declared his passion for the cryptocurrency market, making it clear that he would put more effort into creating with the industry. Cryptocurrencies emerged with Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, a decentralized and secure digital currency that has been operating for 13 years independently of governments and companies. With this technology it is possible to send securities online in a moment, anywhere in the world, and at much cheaper rates. To boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies, Globant announced the launch of Smart Payments Studio, which is a strategic technical and commercial consultancy on this current market demand. According to the company, in addition to cryptocurrencies, the solution brings together talent to offer custom solutions for specific challenges, including technologies such as the metaverse, blockchain, and gamification. Diego Tátara, Chief Technology Officer of Globant, recalls that today’s consumers have more payment options than ever.

“Today’s consumers have more payment options than ever before. This trend represents a great opportunity for business reinvention, bringing technologies such as NFT, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to the table. Leveraging our vast experience in payments and across industries, Smart Payments Studio will focus on creating game-changing, personalized experiences powered by data and AI.”

Globant has Google, Electronic Arts and Santander as clients

With the launch of the new solution, current and future Globant customers will be able to enjoy the new solution that brings together several new payment possibilities, not only with cryptocurrencies. Some of the company’s main clients are Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others. According to executive Shantala Sadananda, general director of financial services at Globant, the new study will boost the adoption of technology in large companies.

“Payments touch every industry and our new Smart Payments Studio will help refresh solutions, drive scalable adaptability, deliver seamless experiences and ultimately build trust, convenience, speed and security.”

By Farwa Raza

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