Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The situation with the DC Universe has gotten out of hand. Warner is now going to kill the president of DC Films, Walter Hamada. One more stone.

As reported exclusively by Variety, the position of Walter Hamada as president of DC Movies is in serious danger. Apparently, she is about to lose her job for various reasons. Reports claim that the new CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslavis frustrated with the movie production of the DC Extended Universe. He believes that it has been inconsistent and that the popular brand of comics has been underutilized. Therefore, the product at hand has been underestimated. On the other hand, David Zaslav is also reportedly upset with the lack of future planning. Warner Bros. Pictures it hasn’t even developed sequels to the most popular and acclaimed titles. The clearest example is that of Man of Steel (2013). We are still waiting for them to tell us something about it. Superman of henry cavill at DC Films, but we know absolutely nothing. The situation is getting out of control and David Zaslav wants to stop everything completely and reorganize.

They need a leader ASAP, Kevin Feige style!

For those reasons, according to Variety, David Zaslav is eager to find a creative lead. He wants a person who imitates Kevin Feig in Marvel Studios and take over as soon as possible. The idea is that when Walter Hamada’s contract expires next year, there will be a new president of DC Films. According to reports, David Zaslav has already approached emma wattsformer executive of 20th Century Fox Y paramount Pictures. Apparently, they would have offered him the job, but the negotiations failed. Meanwhile, no announcement is expected in the near future regarding the new leader of the DCEUWalter Hamada’s replacement as president of DC Films will have many challenges ahead of him to get the Justice League cinematic universe back where it belongs. After all, the years are passing for all the actors and their returns must take place now, before it is impossible to recover them. We obviously think of Henry Cavill as Superman. Meanwhile, the studio is developing another movie from the man of tomorrow with the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. The plans to put this project into production are still not very clear today.

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