Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The demand for effective and customizable solutions from SMEs is increasing, as cyber threats are a problem that affects the entire supply chain regardless of the main victim. For this reason, Factum has promoted a new cybersecurity business unit with solutions designed specifically for SMEs in a period of full growth. And it is that, ransomware attacks increased by 150% in 2021. “The objective is to create a cybersecurity network that strengthens the entire business fabric, since if we reinforce the security of SMEs we prevent, in turn, possible fatal attacks for its partners and clients”, affirms Iosu Arrizabalaga, CEO of Factum. The company assures that protecting SMEs means protecting its clients and large ones as secondary affected: Based on this new strategy, a few weeks ago, Factum recently launched the Cyber ​​Guardian platform together with Banco Santander to help protect SMEs by level of large corporations. This solution arises from the growing need for businesses to implement systems that allow them to continue with their activity and guarantee the security of their accesses and customer data, even more so with the limited control over devices due to teleworking and as a result of the increase of cyber threats in all sectors.

Factum promotes a new line of business specialized in cybersecurity for SMEs

The new line of business for SMEs included in the strategy of specialization in the cybersecurity area has also required a reinforcement of specialized talent that has a direct impact on the growth of Factum’s professional staff, which has increased by 20% in the last months. In addition, throughout 2022, the company will participate, together with Banco Santander, in the Business Trends Forums that will be held in different Autonomous Communities, as well as in the Digital Enterprise Show in Malaga at the end of June. All this with the aim of sharing with other managers the experience and knowledge acquired in matters of business security, awareness, risks and cybersecurity trends.

By Alvaro Rivers

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