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Forum Ausape has been a more than outstanding success, with an organization that has achieved honors. What began in 2005 as a meeting to unite the concerns and problems of all the companies related to the SAP world has become, over the years, one of the main technological events in Spain. If in that first edition, called Forum GT, there were just over 200 attendees, in this year’s edition held in Seville last week, around 1,000 people and 55 sponsoring companies have gathered to not only learn about what surrounds to the SAP world, but all the news of the technological world. The motto of the event “Digital Humans” could not be more current. At a time when there is concern about what rapid technological progress can mean for Humanity, especially with the widespread emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or automation, Forum Ausape tried to provide attendees with some light to the concerns they raise.
Juan Ignatius Rouyet, Doctor in Computer Science, humanist and president of the We The Humans think tank, offered a talk on the future that artificial intelligence will bring us. To prevent that future from being marked by “digital despotism” and the classification that algorithms make of human beings, Rouyet advised “always be alert not to be fooled by AI and not allow ourselves to be classified, always paint a different picture”. For their part, communicators Juanma Romero, expert in media visibility, and Miguel Pérez Laguna, founder of Humans in the Office, spoke about how the human experience continues to be essential to achieve a digital transformation that generates growth for companies and people.

Byte IT in the Forum

Antonio Peñalver, Berta Mateos and Manuel Navarro, director of Byte TI during the presentation of the round table.Antonio Peñalver, Berta Mateos and Manuel Navarro, director of Byte TI during the presentation of the round table. One of the most worrying aspects is that related to aspects such as automation and artificial intelligence that can eliminate a large number of jobs that will not always be replaced. Moving in a new world, to find employment were some of the topics that were discussed in a round table made up of Berta Mateos, Director of Impacta with LinkedIn; Antonio Peñalver, managing partner of People First ConsultingY Manuel Navarro, director of Byte IT, entitled “The role of people in digitization”. The debate addressed the search for employment on social networks such as LinkedIn and personal branding versus traditional contacts, the treatment of young and senior talent, or the impact of digital transformation on employment.

Manuel Navarro, director of Byte TI, together with Berta Mateos, director of Impacta with LinkedIn; Antonio Peñalver, managing partner of People First Consulting, participated in Forum Ausape in a round table to analyze the role of people in digitization

Related to employment, Forum AUSAPE 2022, incorporated as a novelty this year an Employment Forum to put in contact companies and postgraduate or postgraduate students who want to make their way in the technology sector specializing in the SAP world. The meeting received almost a hundred students, to which must be added the 90 who signed up for the Virtual Employment Forum, and put them in contact with 15 employers. These include consultancies such as EY, Seidor, Inetum, Common or Atos, companies such as Mercedes-Benz and non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross and Fundación Tomillo. In addition, two presentations dedicated to employment were organized, SAP Ambassador and SAP Students Zone, with Juan Pedro García, Training Director of SAP Spain and Santiago Torres of EMEA Barcelona SAP hub, and David Ruiz Badía, SAP Champion and coordinator of the Business Group Technology Platform of AUSAPE, respectively Another topical issue, such as the role of women in the world of work, featured in the session “Human and technological”, in which Anna Oró, Director of Operations of SAP Spain; Ana Cabezas, CEO of the European Business School of Technologies, and Aida Bautista, responsible for promoting Work Groups, International Relations and Communication at AUSAPE, discussed how to promote the presence of women in a sector that demands as much talent as technology.

Almost 60 parallel sessions

Within the more technological dimension of the AUSAPE Forum, the event hosted 45 parallel sessions led by the country’s main technology consultants, in which they presented their solutions and the most outstanding success stories of some of their clients. In addition, the association’s Working Groups also prepared a dozen sessions related to SAP Licensing, Support and Maintenance, Customer Experience, Innovation, Digital Industry, Public Sector, Health, Human Resources, SAP S/4HANA, Finance and Transformation . In total, 55 sessions that responded to the interests of the vast majority of attendees.

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