Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Considered in recent years as “one of the wonders of the medicinal world”, CBD oil relieves countless ailments and raises many questions about a plant that helps so many things at once. Now, have you ever wondered how you could share it with your pet? In this article we tell you why it has become an alternative therapy not only in people but also in animals.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural extract from cannabis plants with a high content of cannabinoids and little or no THC. These oils are manufactured with solvents such as butane, alcohol, olive oil and cold water on the hard matter of cannabis plants.

How do I know if my pet needs CBD?

CBD could be an alternative to treat pet problems. If animals are afraid of fireworks or strangers, they are likely to be anxious. Like humans, they have a nervous system that reacts in this way to situations of anxiety or stress.

Which animals could benefit?

In general, buying cannabidiol oil could benefit most animals that have a backbone -vertebrates- and have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans. This system plays a central role in the processing of CBD in the body. Consequently, you could use these products on almost all pets like cats, dogs, and even horses. Likewise, molluscs, fish and amphibians also have this system.

Advantages of performing CBD therapy in pets

Most dogs are especially susceptible to anxiety and depression due to chemical instability in the nervous system. Documents tested by several veterinarians and specialist doctors, showed that the use of CBD oil helps stabilize and rebalance components of CBD that interact with two adenosine and serotonin receptors in the brain to make it work properly.
Attacks cancer cells
Research states that CBD oil has a positive impact on preventing the growth and spread of harmful cells. Numerous reports from medical experts predict very hopeful results.
counteract seizures
A seizure involves the interruption of the electrical work that contributes to a sudden tremor. Seizures often originate in the brain and can be very burdensome to treat. Some scientific studies have considered the possibility of a significant reduction in the number and intensity of these electrical bursts in the nervous system of most animals.
relieves pain
The swelling and ailments of dogs and cats are managed by the vanilloid receptor in the brain and when CBD interacts with these neurons, it has been proven that it blocks and prevents the receptor from sending the signal to the body to feel pain.
appetite control
Extensive research has concluded that CBD may decrease nausea and enhance appetite by linking to multiple neurons in your pet’s brain. The result is the encouragement of a sick dog to recover itself, preferably when the dog feels convulsions. The body always needs energy from food to deal with these conditions, and if the animal could not digest it easily, your pets could face more complex situations. CBD oil is really useful for the body of your pets since it does not have harmful side effects that could harm its normal development.

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