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Marvel Studios is already working on Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds. These are the four details that have already been confirmed!

Dead Pool 3 remains an unknown on the horizon Marvel Studios. Since the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disneythey have never hidden from us the interest they have in continuing to expand the franchise of Ryan Reynolds. The Merc with a Mouth has earned to be one of the most outstanding superheroes of popular mass culture. It is evident that Kevin Feig he doesn’t want to waste so much “gained territory.” Therefore, not in a long time we will have a historic premiere with the third part already within the UCM.However, little or nothing we know about Dead Pool 3. Marvel Studios is secretly working with Ryan Reynolds and has dropped a few details without revealing anything about the plot. In this post we are going to collect the four important details that have already been confirmed by the studio and that will be key to the future development of a production that should be a hit on the table. Especially since it is going to test certain aspects that are part of the idiosyncrasy and nature of the UCM.

1- The film will be rated R

One of the big doubts that Marvel Studios fans had with Dead Pool 3 it was the qualification that the study would choose. No MCU film has been conceived, designed and marketed exclusively for adults. However, this franchise cannot be separated from the dirty jokes, the tasteless scenes, the blood, the offal and the unpleasant moments. That, the language and the previous two films will force the film to be rated R. It will be the first in the studio’s history with this age rating for an adult audience.

2- Production will have the same freedom as before

20th Century FoxNothing will change at Marvel Studios. Ryan Reynolds will enjoy the same creative freedom that he had during his years at 20th Century Fox. Kevin Feige’s studio will let the production of Dead Pool 3. The only thing that will attend, obviously, is the integration of the character within the MCU canon. Both for the presentation of a hero already established in an equally established universe and for the narrative links it has wade wilson with the mutants.

3- The studio really wants to collaborate on the franchise

It’s been revealed that Marvel Studios, despite the creative freedom and all the risks it’s going to take with the mature rating, also wants to be a part of the process. Previous reports state that the studio is very keen to collaborate on the development of the third part of the franchise. Dead Pool 3 does not walk alone, outside the UCM. It will have the same presence as movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Spider-Man: No Way Home, to name two recent examples.

4- There will be jokes about the UCM

The Merc with a Mouth arrives at the UCM

20th Century FoxY, finally, Dead Pool 3 will feature plenty of references, jokes, tributes, and easter eggs related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the greatest hallmarks of the Merc with a Mouth, humor, will be used to connect the character with this new universe that Wade Wilson is going to arrive at. In this way, apart from having fun as spectators, we check the interaction of the mutant with his environment and we will enjoy how he integrates into a new ecosystem.

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