Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

One of the goals that we have ahead of us both on a personal and social level is to achieve well-being as a lifestyle. For this, it is essential that we rely on the main resources that ensure our physical and emotional integrity; while, for its part, the business fabric is dedicated to guaranteeing quality standards in the services offered to the population. If both points of view are oriented towards excellence, it will be much easier to develop a routine based on health care; ensuring that we fully enjoy our day to day.

Coaching as a means of self-knowledge

Well-being has been called into question with the rise of new technologies, something that has especially affected female society. Social networks have caused a detriment in self-esteem and coaching for women has become essential.
According to a study by the City of London University, up to 90% of women use a filter when uploading a selfie. Something that shows the physical complexes and the impact that this generates in the emotional well-being. Therefore, to overcome them, coaching is a crucial tool that improves both personal and professional situations. Self-knowledge and self-improvement are direct results of joining these types of sessions. In this sense, Almudena Gómez stands out as one of the great figures of the sector. A Professional Certified Coach (PPC) who graduated from the International Coach Federation (ICF), also having the emblem of Certified Professional Coach (CFC) by the Spanish Coaching Association (ASESCO). All of this has led her to become a Founding Member of the International Certification Body for Professional Coaches (OCC-I), helping women combat all the emotional disorders associated with the reality we live in.

Food safety, the responsibility of companies

The business fabric has the prevailing obligation to adapt to prevention regulations that protect the health of its customers. In the food industry, we can see this clearly reflected in the crucial regulation that is food safety; thus protecting the entire population from a long list of diseases. Food safety refers to all those measures that are taken in the processes of production, packaging and distribution of food. During this chain, it must be guaranteed that the product that is going to be consumed later by the client has not suffered any type of contamination, thus preventing it from causing damage to its integrity. Likewise, stipulating a correct management of food safety implies reducing production costs. That is to say, following each guideline as it corresponds saves having to withdraw large batches and, as a consequence, losing large sums of money. A series of regulations aimed at ensuring collective well-being that companies in this economic activity must respect with full involvement.

Dentistry services to smile as we deserve

We cannot talk about well-being without referring to the care clinics that make up the health market. One of the most outstanding branches in this matter is dentistry., being key to avoiding all kinds of oral problems. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best centers such as Jay Dental, founded by the best Murcia Dentist, which enjoys a remarkable reputation. At Jay Dental we can undergo a huge variety of treatments: orthodontics, dental aesthetics, whitening, implants, prosthetics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, TMJ, orthopantomography… Different resources that, in convergence, ensure that our smile does not suffer from any type of functional or beauty-related disorder. In addition to undergoing these treatments, it is essential to follow certain prevention guidelines. Experts encourage us to go to dental clinics at least once a year in order to detect any type of pathology that may be conditioning the integrity of our oral health. Something that, if not done, can lead to severe problems that radically condition our sense of well-being.

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