Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Digital transformation is no longer an option, but a necessity. Helping companies adopt a simple yet effective strategy for their IT environments is made possible by Optic, Micro Focus’ platform for transformation, intelligence and cloud operations. Any organization, regardless of its size or the sector in which it operates, faces the challenge of competing in increasingly complex digital scenarios where adapting its IT environment is a necessity that must, at all times, keep the business operational.

Why use Micro Focus Optic Platform

To achieve success in an increasingly digital world, companies must take into account two key factors: the ability to transform at the same time as the business and the ability to overcome the barrier that exists in the offer of digital services: impossible combinations of traditional technologies and ever-changing cloud environments. A context that surpasses conventional management methods and increases the risk of service outages, additional costs and vulnerabilities, among others. To help businesses adopt a digital transformation strategy without headache, Micro Focus offers OPTIC, its operations platform for transformation, intelligence and cloud.

Everything you need to know about Optic Platform

Optic Platform enables simple, unified, practical transformations, building on what already works. – You don’t need to replace valuable work systems, but rather leverage existing solutions to reduce complexity through open REST APIs and a rich set of connectors. – Its ability to automate unified processes with embedded best practice content improves productivity without the need for brittle custom code – Optic Platform’s topology mapping for on-premises and cloud environments enables efficient management based on current configurations; – It has a unique interface that reduces user frustration while improving response times and staff efficiency; – Plus other flexible deployment options (in the cloud, in containers, as a service, or on premises) and the ability to change as needed. All this and much more thanks to Optic Platform, Micro Focus’ cloud, intelligence and transformation operations solution. If you want to know more information, we recommend you watch this free 45-minute masterclass where we explain, through a demo, all the capabilities of this platform. More information at:

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